What are the haunted houses of “28 days paranormal”

What are the haunted houses of

“28 Paranormal Days” is a different proposition that comes thanks to Netflix. It consists of a reality show in which participants must stay for 28 days in the most haunted properties in the United States.

The Horror TV Show Contestants they are specialists in different aspects of paranormal activity and will be divided into three groups.

The series uses The theory of Ed and Lorrain Warrena couple of supernatural investigators who star in stories like the one about « The spell”. It is that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world begins to weaken after being exposed for 28 consecutive days.

Brandy Miller, demonologist Jereme Leonard and psychic medium stayed at Madison Dry Good. Currently, it is a store that sells clothing, gifts, and other items, which is located at 104 W Murphy Street, Madison, North Carolina.

According to Fox8, prior to its recent use, the building served as a hotel and funeral home. In the latter, it is assumed that it was used to “groom the victims of one of the region’s most notorious murders”.

This is the multiple homicide of the Lawson family, which occurred on December 25, 1929. Charles Lawson murdered his wife and six of his children. Some witnesses claim that a little girl floats around and haunts the store to this day.

Sean Austin, Nick Simons and Aaron Thompson stayed at Captain Grant’s Inn, a Bed and Breakfast located at 109 CT-2A, Preston, Connecticut. Originally, it was built in 1754, consisting of five rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a games room, a dining room and other relaxation areas for guests.

Today it is owned by Carol Matsumoto, who wrote the book “Ghosts of ‘Captain Grant’s Inn’”. According to his theory, various spirits roam the premises and one of them is Mercy Adelaide, the wife of the 19th century owner.

Another is Deborah, a little girl who died aged just five in the 18th century and is buried in the cemetery behind the property.

Shane Pittman, Ray Causey and Amy Park stayed at the Lumber Baron Inn, a former mansion on West 37th Avenue in the city of Denver. Currently it operates as a Bed and Breakfast or as a venue for special events. However, it hides a rather macabre story.

According to the venue’s own website, the house was built by John Mouat in 1890 and consists of approximately 790 square meters. The work was carried out so that his wife and five children could live there comfortably, since it has five large rooms.

The place is believed to be haunted, as the murders of two teenagers are said to have taken place there in 1970. It wasn’t until 20 years later that inexplicable incidents began to be reported during the restoration of the building.

In '28 Paranormal Days', the facade of the Lumber Baron Inn appears in Denver, Colorado (Photo: Netflix)
In ’28 Paranormal Days’, the facade of the Lumber Baron Inn appears in Denver, Colorado (Photo: Netflix)

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