What Alicet Hightower’s Green Dress Means in ‘House of the Dragon’

Last Sunday, September 18, the premiere of fifth chapter from the “House of the Dragon” series. In this way, the spectators attended the wedding celebrations of the Princesse Rhaenyra Targaryen Oui Laenor Velaryon, as well as other events around the life of the protagonists of the prequel to “Game of Thrones”.

Moreover, in this episode of the production, we were also surprised by the impressive arrival at the event of the queen Alicentin a spectacular dress with much more symbolism than it seems at first glance.

Do you want to know more? Then find out what the green dress of Alice’s High Tower shown on the HBO Max series “House of the Dragon”.

During the fifth chapter of Dragon House“, entitled “We light the way”the festivities were celebrated for the marriage of Rhaenyra Oui Laenor. This is where Alicent It is the protagonist of a grand entrance into the main room.

In green dress, much later than expected and interrupting the speech of the Roi Viserys ISo the young woman arrived. The crowd was then shocked by her appearance and the color of her outfit.

For him, Larys fort It doesn’t take him long to ask his brother harwin: « Hightower Lighthouse (Alicent’s House). Do you know what color it shines when Oldtown calls its banners to war?”.

Indeed, is the color green. Which would seem to indicate that the queen, with her clothes, is calling her troops to war for the throne.

Alicet Hightower's entrance to Rhaenyra and Laenor's wedding celebrations (Photo: HBO)
Alicet Hightower’s entrance to Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding celebrations (Photo: HBO)

the colors of the House Targaryen are black and red, so those would have been most appropriate to use for Alice’s High Tower at her daughter-in-law’s wedding. However, since she felt cheated by Rhaenyra Targaryen about his relationship with Devil and, later, he discovered his intimate moment with To be Cristonshe wore the green dress as an act of defiance.

The use of the garment means that the relationship between the two will not improve in the future, as mistrust makes Alicent take a new stance on the power your children will have in the future.

So far he had supported Rhaenyra as heir to ViserysDespite her father’s protests Otto. However, it is clear that this position has changed after recent events and with her dress sets up the future civil war of Westeros.

Olivia Cooke as
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower in ‘House of the Dragon’. The use of the color green will be a constant for the adult version of the character (Picture: HBO)

According to work “Fire and Blood” of George RR Martincabinet color tower involves their protest against the government of Rhaenyra. During the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of her marriage to Viserysshe decides to wear a green dress, while the princess wore a black one.

This election makes supporters of both parties decide to call each other by these colors. Thus, supporters of Alicent are considered as ” The Greens ” and demand the succession of Aegon II on the iron throne.

The allies of Rhaenyraon the other hand, are known as ” Black people “ and support her legitimacy as an heiress. Thus, the rivalry between the two camps increases until the beginning of the war. “The Dragon Dance”.

In L
In the work of George RR Martin, the supporters of Alicent are known as “The Greens”; while Rhaenyra’s, like “The Blacks” (Photo: HBO)

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