trailer, cast and release date

trailer, cast and release date

Many fans have been waiting for the acclaimed royal family series”The crown ”, and in the end Netflix decided to reveal the first trailer for season 5. The great anticipation for these new chapters comes after a series of events, one of the most important being the recent death of the Reine Elizabeth II. Finally, the fifth season of “The Crown” will be broadcast in early November.

The production will now present the changes of actors in its cast, in addition to recounting the last days of Princess Diana’s life. In preview, we can see the crisis of the royal family due to the scandals surrounding the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but also because the world has changed radically as television evolves and the role of the royal family is questioned in the monarchy. modern world.

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Furthermore, the trailer makes it clear that this season will be a moving tribute to Diana and how difficult her final months were, from the scenes depicting relentless harassment from the paparazzi and the media to Diana herself lamenting that she “never had an opportunity’.

One of the biggest cast inclusions this season is the actress Imelda Stauntonwho will play the older version of Queen Elizabeth II, with this preview letting us see some of her flawless performance, which will no doubt be a contender for TV awards season.

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Although the series “The Crown” is highly anticipated and has a large number of visits within Netflix, the end is very close. In 2020, the streaming platform renewed the acclaimed show for its sixth and final season, and given recent events and the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is the undisputed star of the series, it would make a lot of sense to end the last one. season with death. . longest-reigning monarch

The cast of season 5 includes in addition to Staunton a Elizabeth Debicki like Princess Diana, Dominica West like prince charles Prix ​​Jonathan like prince philip Lesley Manville like princess margaret, claudia harrison like princess anne Olivia-Williams like Camilla Parker Bowles, Johnny Lee Miller as John Major Salim Daw like Mohamed Al Fayed and Khalid Abdallah like Dodi Fayed.

The fifth season of “The Crown” will premiere on Netflix on November 9.

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