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December 13, 2022 will be released with Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion a new edition eagerly awaited by many JRPG fans. As a member of Square Enix Plays Events in London we had the opportunity to make one FFVII Prequel PS5 Demo to play. How we enjoyed our time with the intro version and which ones revisions you can expect, we will tell you in the following lines.

Zack’s story begins seven years before the main game

In “Crisis Core” we slip into the skin of the PRIVATE 2nd Class Zack Fair, a member of said special unit of powerful elite warriors. With his comrades Ange and Sephiroth he is sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of several SOLDAT fighters. All these events go well seven years before the start of Final Fantasy VII.

The demo we are playing starts shortly after starting the game and focused on parts of the main story. After a brief encounter with a certain still very young Ninja de Wutai we were allowed to throw ourselves into two boss fights. In one we had to fight against two opponents at once, while in the last fight we were against Ifrit fire monster had to claim.

Already in these short sections, overall, the demo had one Environ 15 minutes, we noticed the significantly revised graphics. The character models in particular have benefited from the jump into the HD era and shine too lots of new little detailswhich was not possible on the PSP at the time.

Moreover, the backgrounds and lighting much prettier than the original. The graphics of “Reunion” can’t quite keep up with a “Final Fantasy VII Remake (INTERGRADE)”. clunky animations and slicing errors lies, but the jump to current consoles is the Square Enix development team certainly well done.

Zack fighting two bosses © Square Enix

But not only the graphics have been revised, but also the sound of the old PSP exclusive. Unlike the old version, the game is now available on current platforms completely expressed. Additionally, many songs from the soundtrack have been adapted by original composer Takeharu Ishimoto rearranged.

Modernized Crisis Core combat system

Moreover, the developers have also Get your hands on the action RPG’s combat system. The user interface is now much closer to that of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and clearer than before.

The game’s camera has also been overhauled and now captures the action better. Since you finally move freely during the actionyou always have a good view of everything.

The DBW system is back in a modernized form in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion © Square Enix

The new “Crisis Core” edition is also more reminiscent of the remake of the main game in terms of gameplay. As in the adventures of Cloud, we also use with Zack a command-based combat system, which worked very well during our time with the demo. Unlike FFVII, however, we take over during skirmishes Zack’s sole control and cannot switch between multiple digits.

One gameplay element that caused a stir at the time was that DBW (Digital Waves of Consciousness) respectively DMW system (Digital Mind Wave). This is called a kind Three reel slot machine displayed at the top left of the screen. During battles, these items rotate automatically and the results can be yours reinforce values or activate Limit Break attacks. However, the best combinations are:

  • 777: Invulnerable (for a limited time)
  • 666: Review (for a limited time)
  • 555: Physical Resistance (for a limited time)
  • 444: No AP cost (until the end of the fight)
  • 333: Magic Resistance (for a limited time)
  • 222: No MP cost (until the end of the battle)
  • 111: Invulnerable (for a limited time)
Of course, you can also customize your gear and abilities in the Crisis Core © Square Enix Remaster

One change that many longtime Crisis Core fans should be happy about is the fact that the gameplay of the Reunion remaster no longer slowed down, if you got a good result. Additionally, cutscenes played at such times may now be ignored. As a result, the fights have a much better flow.

The possibility of particularly powerful enemy attacks is completely new weaken or even completely nullify power While these attacks are charging, you can reduce a heavy hit meter from 100% to 100% Decrease 75%, 50% or 25% or even up down 0% and prevent it altogether – a great new option that even more tactics brings to action.

incantations will of course also be available again in “Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion”, but these were not yet available to us as part of the demo. We were only allowed a few weak spells use, such as fire and blizzard. It happened, as in the “FFVII” remake, pleasantly simple and mixed well with the action-packed, fast-paced skirmishes.

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Overall, we enjoyed the short time we had with the Crisis Core remaster. really liked and we would have liked to play more chapters of the action RPG. The audiovisual revisions, in particular at the graphic level, are really well done, while gameplay tweaks deftly bring the game into the present. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Coming December 13, 2022 pour PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch et PC (via Steam).

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