This is how Dwayne prepared to “rock” Johnson will be Black Adam in the DCEU

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Black Adam is the next DC Comics premiere to hit theaters and will have The Rock as its protagonist. Here, we’ll review how his training for the character went.


C©Warner Bros.This is how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was set to be Black Adam in the DCEU.

The DC Extended Universe prepares to welcome you black adam, the film which will be released in theaters around the world from Thursday, October 20. Director Jaume Collet-Serra directs the project with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who was commissioned to carry out a special preparation to interpret the character. We know that the actor talks physically, but this time he took certain precautions which we will tell you about below.

Almost 5,000 years after gaining the ultimate powers of the Old Gods – and being imprisoned just as quickly – black adam breaks free from his earthly grave, ready to unleash his distinctive brand of justice upon the modern world. In addition to Johnson, the cast will accompany him Sarah Shahi, Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Chico Kenzari, Quintessa Swindell and Uli Latukefuamong others.

+ The Rock’s preparation for Black Adam

Since rock was announced as black adam, stated his commitment to arriving in the best physical shape, especially since he had no intention of having any parts of his body replaced with visual effects and wished to have the body of a true superhuman. Through his official Instagram profile, the actor posted various photos and videos from his workout, which surprised fans with the size of his muscles. As a job ?

According to the revelations, he began each morning with a fasted loading routine, accompanied by weight training in the weight room during the day or night. The first thing of the week was working on the back and the biceps, with additional series to increase their volume. Tuesday and Wednesday, the shoulders were the most important points to work on. On Thursday, he did back and bicep workouts, with the addition of tri-sets and higher sets for increased performance. Fridays were dedicated to chest and triceps exercises. However, that wasn’t the hardest thing for him.

Johnson He mostly worked on his legs and described it in an Instagram post. In it, he reveals that he begins with a 20-30 minute warm-up and stretching exercise, crucial because of the energy it consumes. The exercise is made up of high sets that cause you to change movements quickly. This includes leg training, compound pressing strokes, chain lunges, squats, and barbell squats. Months before filming began, he took it daily, added to a strict diet, and the end result will be seen in black adam in theaters from October 20.


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