These are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobile

Check out the 10 free apps I always install on all my Androids.

These are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobile

Although in the Google Play Store you can find a wide variety of applicationsboth free and paid, each of us has our favorite applications, those that that we use the most on a daily basis and that are essential for each of us.

For this reason, today I want to share with you The 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobile.

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Apps on an Android mobile

Nekogramme X

Without a doubt, the application that I use the most on a daily basis is Nekogram X, an open source alternative to the official Telegram application which, in addition to integrating all the functions of the latter, also includes a series of additional features really useful, like an integrated translator compatible with three translation engines: Google Translate, Deepl and Microsoft Translatorthe ability to delete the Todo folder and identify each folder simply with an emoji, use a physical button to start a voice recording instead of the up gesture or removing the limitation of pinned chats and favorite stickers.

Currently, this application is not available on the Play Store, but its developer has created a Telegram channel, through which you can download the latest version of Nekogram X in APK format.

Addicted to podcasts

The second application that can never be missing on my Android is Podcast Addict, a complete podcast player that allows me to automate the process of creating my playlist thanks to functions such as automatically downloading episodes or adding them to said list according to the priority level that I previously configured.

But that’s not all, because Podcast Addict also gives me the opportunity to change the playback speed of an episodeincreases the sound in case it is heard low and even allows me to have a secondary playlistcompletely independent of the general to catch up on late podcasts.

Podcast Addict is a totally free app with adsbut it has a Premium mode which eliminates advertising and includes additional features such as real-time podcast updates, more themes to customize the app or even a widget for your playlist. This paid subscription to Podcast Addict is priced at 1.09 euros per month or 7.49 euros per year.

Google Play Store | Podcast and radio addict


Another of the must have apps for me is a good android keyboard and after trying alternatives for a while like Clavier Swiftkey ou AnySoft my favorite is Gboard, Google’s keyboard.

For me, the big advantages of Gboard over others are its great ability to predict words and recommend emojissomething that allows me to write much faster, the possibility of writing in several languages ​​without having to switch from one to another and to be able to translate any text in real time.

Google Play Store | Gboard: Google’s keyboard


Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music apps for Android and the music streaming platform that I have been using it for several years.

Spotify is one of the apps I pay for monthly because I can find any song I like, see its lyrics in most cases, create my own playlists and download my favorite songs for listen to them offline when I’m on a plane or in an area with poor mobile coverage.

Google Play Store | Spotify : musique et podcasts

Google Photos

The second big G app that I use almost daily is Google Photos, because it allows me backup all photosboth those I do with my mobile camera and those I receive through messaging clients such as Telegram or WhatsApp, to always have them available.

Additionally, Google Photos has a powerful photo editor very easy to use with which I can give another air to these photos that do not convince me of the result.

Google Play Store | Google Photos


Another of the applications that I consult daily to know if I should leave the house with an umbrella or not is AccuWeather, a weather application that has everything I need: real-time weather informationweather forecast for the current week by day or hour, and a handy widget that lets me check at a glance the weather for both today and the next two days.

AccuWeather est a free app with adswhich you can remove by subscribing to the premium version at the cost of 1.09 euros per month or 9.49 euros per year.

Google Play Store | AccuWeather: Daily Weather


Despite the fact that all Android customization layers have their own file manager, I always install Solid Explorer on all my terminals, a complete file manager that allows me to manage in a simple way the files that I have saved in the memory of the mobile like the ones I hosted on the two cloud storage services I use, Google Drive et OneDrive.

These are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobile

These are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobileThese are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobileThese are the 10 Android apps that can never miss on my mobile

Moreover, Solid Explorer brings me more security, since it allows me to protect files with strong encryptionso that if my mobile is lost or stolen, criminals cannot access my most private data.

Google Play Store | Solid Explorer File Manager


After trying many applications to take notes such as Google Keep, Evernote or Joplin, a few months ago I decided to bet on a much more complete tool to organize my whole lifeboth personally and professionally: notion

Notion is a free application that allows me take all kinds of notes and organize them into pages to access them much fastercreate Kanban boards to write down the series and movies I want to watch, create drafts of the articles I write and manage recordings of my podcast episodes.

Google Play Store | Notion – notes, docs, tasks


One of the applications that I use the most during the day is Inoreader, an RSS feed reader that allows me to be informed of all the newsboth general and related to technological activity, and continue some blogs related to Linux and free software.

Also, with Inoreader, I can save the articles that interest me to read them laterboth those flows that I follow and those that I can share from other apps like Discover.

Google Play Store | Inoreader – News and RSS app

The last app in this selection is Raindrop, the best app I’ve tested on Android for save links and sync between all my devices.

For me, the great virtue of Raindrop is that it allows me organize all the links I need to keep in folders or collections that I can associate with different categories, in such a way that I can perfectly separate the personal part and the work part and, at the same time, give them whatever tags you want, which makes it much easier for me to find a specific link.

But Raindrop is not a simple bookmark organizer, since it allows save text, images or PDF documents and add notes or upload photos directly from the mobile or from the computer.

Another of Raindrop’s strengths is that it has desktop applications, with a web version and even with a browser extension compatible with Chrome and Firefox with which I can quickly save any link in the collection you want and assign any labels you deem appropriate.

Raindrop is a completely free ad-free application that allows create as many bookmarks and collections as you want and that it has a paid version, which has a price of 3.33 euros per month or 31.08 euros per yearwhich unlocks some additional features such as cloud save, more space to store files or improved search.

Google Play Store | goutte de

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