the true story of the Paris fire that appears in the series

the true story of the Paris fire that appears in the series

The Notre-Dame cathedral it is one of the most important architectural and cultural monuments in France and in world history. In 2019, when the city of Paris saw it burnt, the news shocked the whole world. Now, Netflix produced a miniseries that is inspired by this tragedy to tell an intriguing story.

The name of this famous cathedral translates into Spanish as “Notre-Dame de Paris” and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Catholic religion. Currently, it is the seat of the archdiocese of the city.

It is an important historical monument whose construction dates back to the 12th century, although it ended in the fourteenth century. Over the years it has undergone great changes, due to the political events and wars in France. However, the gothic style building has managed to remain standing.

It has been the site of important historical events such as the coronation of Napoleon I, which gave way to the Catholic Church. This scene was immortalized by the painter Jacques-Louis David.

It has even been the center of artistic and literary works such as the novel “Notre-Dame de Paris” by the famous writer Victor Hugo. This story will inspire later the disney movie” The Hunchback of Notre Dame “.

April 15, 2019, around 6:30 p.m.a fire was reported in the city of Paris, according to various media such as the “Bbc”. When passers-by looked up and neighbors came out through the windows, they found with surprise that it was the beloved Notre-Dame cathedral that was on fire.

Notre-Dame fire on April 15, 2019 (Photo: Emilio Luque / Creative Commons)
Notre-Dame fire on April 15, 2019 (Photo: Emilio Luque / Creative Commons)

The fire broke out near the roof of the building, so it was the first to be consumed. Immediately, a team of 400 firefighters was deployed and emergency personnel to extinguish the fire, trying to maintain the integrity of the structure the most possible.

To do this, they had to put out the fire from inside, putting their lives in danger. According fire department spokesperson, one of his companions and two police officers were injured.

After fight the fire for nine hoursthe fire was extinguished.

During the 2019 fire, Notre-Dame suffered significant damage to its structureespecially on the roof, since two thirds of it have been destroyed.

In addition, the famous central spire of Viollet-le-Ducwho had restored the building in 1845 and who measured 96 meterswas also damaged.

In the same way, rosettes, stained glass in the shape of flowerssuffered damage.

  • The spire of the cathedral
  • The attic
  • The roof
  • rosettes
  • Some beams and vaults

The Netflix series chronicles the events of the Notre Dame fire, with a focus on the leading role played by firefighters in order to save this structure. Additionally, he is interested in the impact he had on different people across the country.

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