The Rings of Power: Sauron’s Identity Revealed

The Rings Of Power : L'identité De Sauron Révélée

O boy! The finale of The Rings of Power was highly anticipated. We pondered and speculated for a whole season: who is Sauron? half border, abroad? The last episode of the season finally revealed his identity. All the answers to your questions are here !

Galadriel has been tricked

the Hope of Galadrielthat the mysterious Halbrand is of royal ancestry and could help people in their fight against evil has been revealed with today’s release of the season finale bury.

His keen interest in Forge par Celebrimbor and his eyes widening when the elven smith speaks of power over the physical, unseen world makes Galadriel sit up and take notice.

As she slowly begins to question Halbrand’s motives, she reconsiders his apparent pedigree as a King of the Southlands and note that this line already long gone is.

Why did Sauron save Galadriel?

Saving Galadriel was Halbrands Ticket to enter the kingdom of the elves et Contact the Elven Blacksmith Celebrimbor to help him make the Rings of Power.

Also his serious injury he might have planned to influence Galadriel more.

We already know from the well-known story of The Lord of the Rings that Sauron himself camouflage in other bodies can achieve their goals. Like for example like Annatarthe the human kings subjugates with its insidious gifts and leads to destruction.

A glimpse of sound dark future we see when at the end of the episode Galadriel and Halbrand separate and he in mordorthe center of his future power, looks towards Mount Doom.

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We can look forward to the second season, the Power Ring Corruption and Halbrand’s subsequent development into the Dark Sovereign. How did you like that? final season? Did you anticipate Halbrand Reveal?

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