the new Netflix film with Emma Corrin that will make you lose

Emma Corrin


Emma Corrin returns to Netflix with Dame, his new film. Find out what it is and when it opens.

emma corrine

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The fourth season of The crown It was a complete success all over the world. Indeed, the series showed one of the most emblematic women of the British monarchy: Lady Di. Yes! The People’s Princess came to the Netflix series from the hand of emma corrine, who dazzled with his work in the band. Because, it is not only thanks to her brilliant performance that she caught the attention of fans, but also her striking resemblance to Diana.

So much so that in its fourth edition The crown it crossed the screen into thousands of homes and Emma Corrin became a cast favourite. In fact, thanks to this, the actress managed to catapult herself to international fame. Likewise, he managed to capture the attention of different production companies and ended up in different productions. Moreover, in a few months he is preparing the premiere of his new project which goes hand in hand with Netflix.

It is Lady Chatterley’s Lover which will reach the streaming giant in two months. It will be on December 2 that Netflix will add to its catalog this feature film in which Emma Corrin shares the screen with Jack O’Connell. This film takes place in 20th century England, it is an adaptation of the novel by DH Lawrence published in 1928 and which was banned. Well, at one point he was too advanced for his time.

What is it about? The book tells the story of Constance, Lady Chatterley (Emma Corrin), a woman married to an aristocrat. This man is faithful to his noble origins, but he is physically handicapped. She therefore maintains a relationship with one of her husband’s employees, Oliver. He is the guardian of their rural domain. This love story leads Lady to experience passion, demonstrated very explicitly in the novel.

Without a doubt, it is a story in which human relations, social classes and even in vitro fertilization will be the main protagonists. In fact, that’s why the story wasn’t well-regarded at the time, but over time, it ended up being all the rage. Moreover, it should be noted that it has known more than one adaptation to the cinema and to the small screen.

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