The Deep Meaning of Daniel LaRusso’s Crane Kick to Terry Silver in ‘Cobra Kai 5’

Series ” cobra kai” has become a huge success in netflix platformagain trapping the lovers of The Karate Kid movies and gain new followers in this universe, who were delighted with all the story that is presented and are now waiting for a sixth season.

And it is that the fifth part of Netflix’s production has left us with the apparent great closure of the rivalry of Daniel LaRusso between Terry Silver with one of its biggest references to date in all the episodes already aired: the crane kick. The villain of the series has been arrested and will face charges and now there is a lot of expectation to find out what happens to the main characters.

However, this huge reference to the technique that was released in the 1984 film carries with it a deep hidden meaning that many didn’t realize, as most only believed it was the use of a popular kick that Daniel he learned when he was young thanks to the memory Miyagi.

That is why, on this occasion, we are going to explain to you what all this crane blow means for the characters of the television series, beyond the defeat of Terry Silver, according to a note prepared by the Screen rant portal.

Daniel LaRusso in season 5 of
Daniel LaRusso in “Cobra Kai” Season 5 (Photo: Netflix)

In the final scenes of the fifth season, Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso are involved in a fight. The villain grabs a trophy to strike his opponent, while the hero of the series adopts a classic position to expect to attack: the crane.

As Silver moved in force to strike, Daniel proceeds to execute his kick and knocks the villain to the ground.who, before fainting, broke a window that was behind him.

It was thus that Silver found himself unable to defend himself or flee, only to be eventually arrested by members of the United States Police Force.

To understand why this kick is so important in ending the rivalry between LaRusso and Silver, it is essential to go back a few years and thus remember what happened in the film “Karate Kid Part III”.

In this band, Terry Silver coached Daniel LaRusso for a tournament and underestimated the technique Miyagui taught himto the point of calling it crap.

Despite his words, Daniel was able to emerge victorious, even if he couldn’t do much to show him that the crane kick is a more than relevant and important technique, until this part of “Cobra Kai”.

When defeated with the Crane Kick, it is shown that Terry Silver was wrong when he underestimated this technique and had to swallow his words.

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