That’s why you can only play the game on next-gen consoles at 30 FPS

Gotham Knights : C'est Pourquoi Vous Ne Pouvez Jouer Au

Shortly before the release of the new action RPG of the Univers Batman: Au October 25 bECOMES Gotham Knights released, but the anticipation might put the brakes on either console player.

Console version of Gotham Knights saves FPS

When it comes to the latest hardware in the gaming environment, performance is often measured in FPS achieved. Common to play is a rate between 30 and 60 ipsto one liquid picture to guarantee. This can make a big difference in fast shooters.

You should be able to expect at least a 60fps frame rate, especially with the latest consoles, right?

Apparently not, because a few days ago a member of the Warner Bros Games Montreal Development Teams on the official Discord channel that “Gotham Knights” for Playstation 5 et Xbox série X/S only in 30FPS will be playable.

above Jeux Okami via Twitter and shared the related post of Flower Marty:

Twitter: screenshot from Gotham Knights’ Okami Games Discord channel

Since a performance mode for current consoles has often been requested, Marty clarifies here: no performance mode give and “Gotham Knights” will be only at 30 fps be playable.

Why only 30 FPS? The game enables many features, such as providing a untethered co-op experience in very detailed open world. These features wouldn’t make it easy to increase the frame rate by simply lowering the resolution, for example.

That’s why the developers decided to create “Gotham Knights” constant to operate at a frame rate of said 30 FPS. Which is unfortunate because it The game is only released on the latest consoles in addition to the PC and these finally advertise with a frame rate of up to 120FPS – varies by game, of course.

Whether this will really bother players in the end remains to be seen. And maybe there’s still hope and there will be a performance update at some point after launch.

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