Steven Spielberg says he has no plans to retire anytime soon

Steven Spielberg is one of Hollywood’s most iconic and beloved directors. He has worked on countless classics throughout his storied career, including Jaws, jurassic park, Schindler’s list, HEet Saving Private Ryan. The director has worked in the industry for nearly 50 years, with his directorial debut in 1974 with Le Sugarland Express. As Spielberg nears his 76th birthday in December, fans are starting to wonder if the filmmaker will start slowing down. According to Spielberg, he has no such plans.

Spielberg attended the Toronto International Film Festival last week for the premiere of his latest film, Les Fabelman. The autobiographical film stars Gabriel LaBelle as Sam Fabelman, the fictional character meant to portray Spielberg throughout his childhood. Michelle Williams and Paul Dano join LaBelle as the filmmaker’s parents, with Seth Rogen rounding out the cast. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Spielberg assured his fans that he doesn’t see retirement on the Horizon yet and shared his inspiration for making Les Fabelman.

” This [movie] it’s not because i’m going to retire and it’s my swimming song. Don’t believe any of this. [Co-writer] Tony [Kushner] and I started talking about this possibility when we were doing Lincoln together. Tony was sort of fulfilling the function of a therapist and I was patient, and we talked and I talked for a long time. Tony fed me and got me through it… But when COVID came we all had plenty of time. And we were all very scared. I don’t think anyone knew in March or April 2020 what was going to be the state of the art and the state of life even a year from now. And I think in that sense, I felt things were going from bad to worse that I just felt like [my adolescence] is the thing I really need to figure out and unpack. »

Fans can rejoice knowing that Steven Spielberg’s career is far from over. So if you want to see Les Fabelmanyou can see the project in theaters later this year on November 23.

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Spielberg always wanted Michelle Williams to play his mother

“She was always a leader in kind of a pre-frontal lobe idea about my mother Leah. And then I had felt the same about Paul. He shared so many things the same way [qualities] – a kind of pragmatism, also my father’s patience, my father’s deep, deep, deep kindness and my father’s genius had been in computer design. »

Spielberg consacre Les Fabelman to his parents, his mother having died aged 97 in 2017 and his father having died aged 103 in 2020. Les Fabelman hits theaters in November later this year.


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