Smallville Star Michael Rosenbaum Recalls Memorable Carrie Fisher Story on Set


The popular series Smallville told how a young Clark Kent (played by Tom Welling) took charge of his growing superpowers and became the world’s greatest hero. The show ran for ten seasons and racked up over 200 episodes. During the series, Smallville had plenty of guest actors, including the legend of the end of Star Wars Carrie Fisher. Most recently, during a recent episode of the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, the series star Michel Rosenbaum (who played iconic villain Lex Luthor) recalled a hilarious story about Fisher’s short time on Smallville.

According to Lex Luthor actor, Fisher disappeared from set at one point while shooting him Smallville episode. This led the show’s crew to search for the actor, whom they later found hiding in one of the worm-shaped tubes of the “giant air conditioning vents they were installing on the sets”.

Rosenbaum said:[Carrie] did an episode of Smallville and they were looking for her too. They were looking for her and they found her in, you know, these giant air conditioning vents that they put on the sets, the little worm like really big things blowing cold air into the [set]? She was cooling off,” he said with a laugh.

Carrie Fisher guest starred as Pauline Kahn on a Season 5 episode of Smallville

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Although Fisher didn’t have a starring role in the Superman prequel, his appearance in the Season 5 episode “Thirst” was nothing short of memorable. In the episode, Fished played Pauline Kahn, the editor of the Daily Planet. Prior to taking on the role of editor, Khan worked with iconic Superman comics reporter and editor Perry White when the two began their careers as journalists. In “Thirst,” Fisher’s Kahn has a vital role to play in the life of Clark Kent’s best friend, Chloe Sullivan (played by Allison Mack).

In high school, Chloe devoted much of her time to writing the local school newspaper, The Smallville Torch. Her job as an editor was hugely important to Chloe, and the character later applied for an intern job at the Daily Planet, which is where Fisher’s Kahn came into the picture. While Kahn initially rejects Chloe’s candidacy, the character refuses to be shut down, asking the editor to reconsider, noting that everyone, including Kahn, had to start somewhere. Khan then told Chloe to submit a story, which led the editor to see potential in the young woman. Khan then agreed to let Chloe start at the bottom of the company to work her way up.

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