Screen size and storage options for Google’s first Pixel tablet leaked

Two new details about what will be Google’s first Pixel tablet have been leaked: we now know its screen size and the internal storage options it will hit the market with.

Screen size and storage options for Google's first Pixel tablet leaked

During the last Google I/O, a lot of interesting news was presented. One of the many things that came up was the first pixel tabletwhose design we have seen and whose Google has already offered us some small details to open our mouths.

Well, as reported in 91Mobiles, a leak reveals your screen size and storage options. Not only does this reinvigorate the interest already shown in Google’s new device at its last conference, but it signals that Mountain View is serious about tablets.

These are the leaked specs of the Pixel tablet

Screen size and storage options for Google's first Pixel tablet leaked

Some details of what the new Pixel tablet will look like have been leaked

Thanks to leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, we were able to know that the new Pixel Tablet will have a 10.95 inch screen. Apparently, these details were revealed as part of the validation tests that Google is currently running, which means that the design will not be changed any further. It also indicates that Google makes sure everything is working as it should before making an official announcement.

The leak also reveals that the Pixel tablet It will have two variants: one of 128 GB and one of 256 GB. It is also said that the tablet will support Wi-Fi 6 and there will be support for a pencil in the style of Samsung’s S-Pen, although there are no images of this. to accompany the escape.

During the testing phase conducted by Google, some units have apparently been shipped to India. This indicates that Google also plans to launch the device there. It also indicates that the Big G has renewed interest in the most populous country on the planet, that it has already received the Google Pixel 6a (which we were already analyzing at the time) and that it will receive the next Google Pixel 7 and 7. Pro.

Other than those details, not much is known yet. Google had already revealed at the time that the device I would mount a Tensor processor, the proprietary chip of Mountain View. The tablet is also officially known to have magnetic connectors on the back, so it will likely be docked. In media such as Android Police, it is revealed that another leak indicates that the Pixel tablet will be one of the first devices of only run 64-bit applications.

We still have plenty of time to get more official details, especially considering that the Pixel tablet expected to launch in 2023. We’ll probably know more details soon; everyone knows Google isn’t very good at keeping secrets.

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