Protect sensitive data on Windows PC using Password Monitor, check the process step by step

Every year, hundreds of usernames and passwords are published online when websites or applications become the target of data dumps. These hacked usernames and passwords are very likely to be offered for sale on the Dark Web.

Protect sensitive data on Windows PC using Password Monitor, check the process step by step

Hackers use automated scripts that test a large number of stolen username and password combinations to attempt to gain access to people’s accounts. If their account is compromised, anyone can fall victim to suspicious purchases, identity theft, unauthorized financial transfers, or other illegal acts.

However, certain features of web browsers prevent this. One such useful feature made available to Microsoft Edge users is “Password Monitor”. When using the Internet, the privacy of the user’s account will be protected by this security feature. The Password Monitor feature can be configured on the Edge web browser to ensure that your online data and credentials are secure and you are alerted to any hacker attempts. Once enabled, users are notified if any of their passwords have been found leaked online, which has become all too common in modern times.

When you enable Password Monitor, Microsoft Edge compares the passwords you’ve saved in the browser against a large database of known-to-be-compromised passwords stored in the cloud. These will show up on the Password Monitor page in Microsoft Edge settings if any of your username-password combinations match those in the database. All passwords specified therein should be updated immediately as they are no longer suitable for secure use.

Steps to enable Password Monitor on your Windows PC:

  • On a Windows computer, launch Microsoft Edge.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “three dots” menu.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Profiles” tab in the side panel.
  • Click on the ‘Passwords’ tab.
  • Select “More Settings”.
  • Enable the toggle to show warnings when passwords are discovered in internet leaks.
  • By clicking on the “Show results” option, all risky passwords will be displayed on the password monitor page.

If you are logged in and synchronizing your passwords, Password Monitor will be automatically activated in your browser. You will also receive a notification letting you know. Moreover, this parameter can always be changed again.

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