plot, trailer and release date

plot, trailer and release date

The director james wan has been a reference in the world of horror films, having worked on big hits such as “Vu ”, “The Night of the Demon” and “The Conjuring” franchise. Now, continuing his legacy in horror, he will soon create”M3GAN », a science fiction film he wrote with akela cooper.

Wan previously worked with Cooper on “Malignant,” a 2021 film that shook up the horror genre with a twist of humor, a collaboration that seemed to pay off as the filmmaker re-contacted her for this new one. film .

“M3GAN” lets us see the actress Allison Williams as a roboticist for a toy company who gifts her lonely niece a life-size robotic doll called M3GAN. As you would expect in a horror movie, the doll becomes a protective assassin of her new friend, letting no one near her.

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The preview lets us see the premise of the film more clearly, as there are moments where the M3GAN doll uses her technology to become a destructive machine, arming herself with a knife and a nail gun, showing all kinds of possibilities that M3GAN can do to not let anyone near the girl.

Although Wan will participate as a producer in the film and Gérard Johnston will be the director, the plot will have the fun tone that the filmmaker has added in his productions, with the titular robotic doll doing all sorts of weird dances and moves that have even been part of social media memes before.

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Some might find it bad that a horror movie like “M3GAN” leans so heavily towards the absurd. However, not all horror movies have to be serious business, like ‘Heredity’ or ‘The Witch’, which is why movies like M3GAN are often the reason many become horror fans and there they are. keep coming back again and again, because they’re just plain fun.

“M3GAN” will hit theaters on January 13, 2023.

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