Pixel 6 gets iPhone 14-like Spatial Audio with Android 13 QPR1, other Pixel phones get similar feature

One of the biggest talking points since the launch of Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 was a feature called Spatial Audio. It looks like Google will also deliver a similar feature to all of its future Pixel phones, given that they have already rolled out this feature for Google Pixel 6, in the Android 13 QPR1 update.

Pixel 6 gets iPhone 14-like Spatial Audio with Android 13 QPR1, other Pixel phones get similar feature

Apple’s Spatial Audio feature for the iPhone 14 series and the AirPods Pro 2, basically works by scanning the AirPods installed in your year using the front camera, along with FaceID’s dot matrix, and then calibrating the AirPods for the best audio experience. Early AirPods Pro 2 reviews suggest the feature works wonders for an already amazing-sounding pair of headphones.

Google first teased Spatial Audio as Pixel Buds Pro feature. Now they’ve made the feature available on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro for all headphones on the latest android 13 beta. However, reports suggest it’s not doing much.

Spatial Audio creates a digital soundstage around you and gives each element of a soundtrack, whether it’s a piece of music, video or game, a specific position. This way, a user can get more out of a running soundtrack.

If they move, the dynamics of the sound also changes, as if you were listening to things in real life. Think of it as audio that moves in 3D, or simply, 3D audio.

Google has been hard at work bringing 3D audio to Android through new Spatializer APIs launched with Android 13.

And earlier this year, when the Pixel Buds Pro were announced, Google announced Spatial Audio support would be coming for them in a future update.

With the new Android 13 QPR1 update installed, a new “Spatial Audio” toggle appears in the settings of every Bluetooth headset, not just Pixel Buds Pro.

Android apps still need to be updated to take advantage of new Android 13 APIs, including the Spatial Audio API. This is the reason why the functionality cannot really be tested in a realistic setting at the moment.

However, in a few months, with new devices running Android 13, app developers will need to integrate Spatial Audio APIs into their apps.

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