One Piece: Is Sabo Dead? Manga Chapter 1060 shows the terrible power of Im

In the world of a play there are a variety of powerful, crazy, funny, brutal, crazy, cool and above all mysterious figures. The latter definitely includes the mysterious character in theof which we know very little to date, not even the gender of this character is known to fans.

Which logically means that any new information about Im like being absorbed by a sponge. The joy was all the greater when this person Chapter 1060 reappeared, over 150 chapters after the first and last appearance in Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

The new scene with Im couldn’t be more eventful either, because he the balance of power in One Piece again in a new light. If you’d rather not know anything about it, you should stop reading at this point, because now massive spoilers for manga chapter 1060 follow, which is only expected to appear in the anime in a few months.

One Piece: Is Sabo Dead? I show the true power of world government

The new chapter too Oda’s Epic Pirate Adventure One Piece has a lot to offer fans, so not only does a very specific female pirate reappear after a long absence, Singe D Luffy also shares with his crew his big dream, that of his Nakama with very mixed feelings is saved.

But above all, the current section of their journey is surprising the return of mea character who first appeared in Manga Chapitre 906 respectively anime episode 885 would have. I’m so interesting because the character is obviously still on the 5 sages stands that in fact the supreme authorities of the world government should be.

I’m sitting on the so called empty throne, which is actually not allowed to be occupied, as it symbolizes the throne of the world and no ruler is allowed to rule the world itself. With this I impressively symbolize that he or she sole ruler of the whole world is and is above official laws.

Not only many One Piece fans were surprised, but also Luffy’s sworn brother, Sabowho during his rescue operation from Kuma saw someone sit on the empty throne, which he also did with his in chapter 1060 via Telesnail Comrades in the Revolutionary Army Splits.

This appeal can be heard by the government because Sabo no white transponder snail usedin order to hide its transmission, considered by the military act of desperation is interpreted. So we also learn that Sabo is currently in Lulus is said to reside in one of the eight realms after the last daydream rebels have.

Feuerkaiser Sabo (One Piece, Anime), Manga Chapter 1060 News
©Toei Animation Co., Ltd./Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

And it looks like he might Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army don’t choose a worse place to hide because the island is already in place Im’s Hit List was put in. While Sabo is on the phone with his comrades, we see how dark clouds over Lulusia contract while a citizen believes something big in the clouds to be able to see.

I paint the island with an X distinct from a world map, at the same time the sky above the kingdom begins to shine. we see Sabo’s surprised facebefore flashes of light rain fell from the sky on the island and the island apparently completely destroy. At the same time get the weapons from the government a clear instruction.

Nothing strange happened that day, no information was intercepted and lulusia island never existed. Rather be an earthquake been questioned at the southeast border and please open potential tsunamis respect, think highly. However, we don’t know what happened to Sabo.

And above all, Oda does not tell us exactly what happens in One Piece an entire kingdom destroyed although the question is even superfluous since we know that old weapons capable of such destruction, and we only know where is two of the three weapon systemswhat even the world government fears.

So it’s entirely possible that I’m either Pluto or Uranus possessed and used to crush rebellious kingdoms. that it is a dirigible could act was discussed in various forums years ago and appears in this one show of force quite realistic.

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