New Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmark shows off super-powerful Tensor G2 CPU and GPU specs

Google will soon launch Pixel 7 series, which will use an all-new SoC developed and manufactured by Google’s in-house engineers. With the new SoC, called Tensor G2, Google has obviously made massive improvements, both in CPU and GPU performance, making it one of the most powerful mobile SoCs to release this year.

New Google Pixel 7 Pro benchmark shows off super-powerful Tensor G2 CPU and GPU specs

Android developer Kuba Wojciechowski has discovered what the Pixel 7 Pro and its Tensor G2 chip will bring to the table in terms of performance. Kuba took to Twitter to share some screenshots of a new Geekbench listing for the Pixel 7 Pro.

The list shows than the Pixel 7 Pro will likely feature 12GB of RAM, just like the Pixel 6 Pro. However, things get very interesting when we look at processing cores and processing units.

Obviously, Google didn’t change the CPU cores used much between last year’s Tensor and this year’s Tensor G2. Tensor G2 uses the same combination of two Cortex-X1 cores, two Cortex-A76 cores, and four Cortex-A55 cores, but with slightly higher clock speeds.

These slightly increased speeds combined with the smaller 4nm die size used seem to improve the Tensor G2 and the Pixel 7 Pro multi-core benchmark by about 10%.

The Google Tensor SoC or simply, Tensor G1 was quite a powerful and capable processor when it launched with the Pixel 6. It wasn’t the most powerful at least in terms of benchmark scores, but it was still quite impressive. The new generation improves things even further by significantly improving heat management and energy efficiency.

The only area where the Tensor G2 SoC takes a massive leap is in its GPU, which jumps from Mali-G78 to Mali-G710. This new GPU is expected to deliver 20% better performance, 20% power efficiency, and even 35% better machine learning, one of the main goals of the Tensor lineup.

Google also plans to add a new Tensor processing unit called Janeiro in the Tensor G2. The Janeiro unit is supposed to make the Tensor G2 SoC much better at machine learning neural networks.

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