Meghan and Harry are Welcomed with a Red Carpet Arrival in Germany for the Invictus Reception

Prince Harry, as well as Meghan Markle, was brimming with smiles today when they walked on a red carpet in Germany to commemorate the Invictus Games.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex arrived on a glorious day in Dusseldorf, where they were greeted by a large number of people.

The crowd clapped with excitement and raised their phones into their arms to take photographs when couples arrived.

Harry had a dress code of a white button-down shirt, with no tie or jacket, while Meghan chose a white top and beige pants.

The couple is currently attending an event reception to celebrate the Invictus Games event, which is scheduled ahead of the Düsseldorf 2023 Olympics.

Speaking during the Town Hall reception, Harry stated that he was ‘overwhelmed with joy’ the idea of the next Invictus Games having the backdrop of the River Rhine.

He added: “I cannot wait to be able to hear the roar of crowds as well as feel the excitement of the contest and be part of the fun and tears with a smile as we see lives transformed as we watch.’

Meghan and Harry are Welcomed with a Red Carpet Arrival in Germany for the Invictus Reception (credit: yahoo)
Meghan and Harry are Welcomed with a Red Carpet Arrival in Germany for the Invictus Reception

He said he’d like to advise people to really embrace’ the games.

He said: ‘In our most vulnerable moments, encouraging is crucial. Therefore, I’m asking that we all play our part to help the amazing servicemen and women to be brave, honest and authentic to who they are.’

Harry also began his speech by uttering the occasional words of German and then wiped his forehead to the cheers of his audience as he smiled, and added”That’s where it comes to.’

He also asked those at the reception if the beer in Dusseldorf was better than the one in Cologne to applause and smiles from those present.

The ceremony as the official One Year To Go event He declared: ‘It’s my absolute pleasure, along with my wife to invite the citizens from Germany to officially begin the countdown until September.’

He urged everyone to “lead with our heart and the most important thing is to enjoy the journey ahead”.

The couple are scheduled to meet officials as well as potential rivals on the eve of their visit to the city.

Harry as well as Meghan will also be taking an enjoyable boat cruise along the Rhine and towards the Merkur Spiel-Arena, where they will hold an event for press.

The MS Rhein Galaxie was seen docked alongside the river on Tuesday morning.

Invictus Games: The Invictus Games, which were first played in 2014, bring participants who are injured, wounded and sick military personnel and women, active as veterans.

Prince Harry started the event after being inspired by an identical event in America.

The Dusseldorf games will be held in September 2023. more than 500 athletes from 21 countries across 10 sports.

The current trip of Meghan and Henri across Europe includes visits to various charities that are close to their heart’.

Tonight, they took an excursion to Manchester to take part in The One Young World Summit.

Meghan delivered her first address in the UK since leaving the royal family.

The Duchess stated that she was “excited” that her husband will be able to be here with me this time and that coming back to the UK for the event “all feels like a complete circle’.

Meghan made a special tribute to young delegates from all over the globe, saying that “You represent the next generation… your present is the past’.

She went on to say: “You are the ones who are driving positive and needed changes across the globe right at this moment.

“I am so thankful to be part of your organization today.’

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