Man of Steel 2 is reportedly in development at Warner Bros. Discovery

Man of Steel 2

DC fans can rejoice as Steel man The sequel is in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s been five long years since Henry Cavill played Superman, dating back to 2017 with Justice League. Fans weren’t sure if the actor would return to the role after the change in direction with the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, but it seems society wants more of Cavill’s portrayal.

The 39-year-old actor started playing Krypton’s Last Son in 2013 with Steel man before resuming his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to the THR report, Warner Bros. Pictures is directing Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy wants to know more about the character. Their “intense desire” to see Cavill return led to a project that would “essentially be man of steel 2“, produced by Charles Roven. According to THR, the team is currently looking for writers to write the screenplay, with Christopher McQuarrie at the top of the list.

McQuarrie collaborates frequently with Tom Cruise, writing and directing the Mission impossible movies starting with rogue nation in 2015. Additionally, he worked on edge of tomorrow, The Mummyet Jack Reach. Unfortunately, the Warner Bros. Discovery is unsure if it can land McQuarrie, as he is currently working on the next two Mission impossible payments. It would be a reunion between the screenwriter and Cavill, since the actor appeared opposite Cruise in Mission : Impossible – Fallout. Fans will probably be happy with whoever writes man of steel 2as audiences have been waiting for a direct solo sequel for nearly a decade.

Dwayne Johnson has his own plans for Superman

Spoiler Warning: MAJOR Spoilers for Black Adam Ahead

However black adam has yet to be released, news surrounding the post-credits scene has been revealed. THR’s recent report dives into what went on behind the scenes to bring the cameo to life and how Dwayne Johnson was the man responsible. Over the past few weeks, the actor has expressed his desire to bring Superman back to the big screen, preferably in a battle between his character, Black Adam, and the Man of Steel. Johnson essentially revealed the “surprise” cameo, with THR insiders suggesting it’s a way to bring the character back and boost box office sales.

According to the report, Cavill was not in the initial plans to black adam but was added in a series of covers. Although the scene was cut at one point, Johnson spoke with De Luca and Abdy, ultimately sending the cameo back to the final cut. The scene was shot in mid-September after intense negotiations. DC Films head Walter Hamada originally wanted to break away from the Zack Snyder era of the DCEU and would have pitched a Black Superman, which would be a story of decades before Johnson won over the executives with the return of Cavill.

Fans will see power balance and DC expansion when black adam hits theaters on October 21. Of course, the public will eagerly await the eventual man of steel 2 news as development continues.


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