Liz Truss meets Queen Elizabeth II To Officially Become Prime Minister

Liz Truss is officially the UK’s new prime minister after being asked to form a new government with the Queen.

Her Majesty has seen handshakes together with the newly appointed Tory chief in Balmoral in Scotland today afternoon.

The frail 96-year-old smiled and shook her walking stick as she met as the fifteenth prime minister of her reign of 70 years.

Today is the first day the monarch hasn’t traveled to London to nominate the country’s new chief.

The country’s third female leader is now heading down Downing Street to deliver her first official speech.

There’s not much time to enjoy a honeymoon the first week of her presidency is scheduled to include an enormous announcement about freezing energy costs with the increasing cost of living costs.

The visit to Balmoral took place just days following Boris Johnson made the same trip to sign his resignation only two months later than his political party kicked Johnson out of office.

The PM leaving the country was joined by his wife Carrie for his last appearance with the Queen today.

His Twitter profile was instantly changed to reflect his new status. The profile describes his role as the former premier in the United Kingdom.

In the mean time, Ms. Truss’s page has been changed to ‘Prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’.

Mr. Johnson in his last speech used to say that the rules had changed’ just prior to his demise.

About 60 Tories quit after the minister admitted that he was aware of sexual misconduct allegations against Chris Pincher MP when he named the vice chief whip.

The incident came after a number of other scandals, such as partygate, the Owen Paterson affair along with his PS110,000 apartment refurbishment.

“In a matter of hours, I’ll be in Balmoral to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the torch will then be passed on to the new Conservative leader”, he stated in his speech on Tuesday.

The baton is expected to be handed over during what was initially thought as a relay competition. they changed the rules midway through, but they’ll forget the fact that it’s is happening now.’


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