Konami announces a new game in the horror franchise

Konami announces a new game in the horror franchise

The special KonamI’m talking about the franchise”Silent Hill revealed the title of the new installment in the legendary survival horror series. Along with revealing several updates for the franchise’s future, one of the notable titles was undoubtedly “Silent Hill: Fall of the City which featured a confusing trailer.

In a difficult-to-decipher message, an unidentified voice speaks to someone who wants to be punished. The voice notes that they’ve been stuck in place for a long time because of the terrible things they’ve both done, but they believe the listener is looking for something else as well.

The developer of ‘Stray’, the peculiar game in which you control a cat, Annapurna Interactiveand relatively new developer no codes joined Konami to develop this new project.

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In addition to “Townfall,” the franchise would also receive a new game titled “Silent Hill F though only an equally confusing preview was shown as well. What little can be seen is that the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise will be leaving the United States and heading to Japan for the first time in a mainline video game.

Konami first announced the livestream earlier this week, surprising fans who have long been clamoring for an update to the series, coming a decade after the franchise’s last game, ‘Silent Hill: Book of Legends’. . come out in 2012.

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The show also announced big news about the franchise regarding the first and second installments of “Silent Hill”, a brand new game called “Silent Hill Ascension” and a movie called “Return to Silent Hill”. . The new film adapts the beloved game “Silent Hill 2” with its original director, Christophe Gansreturning to the front of the project.

“Silent Hill: Townfall” does not yet have a release date. However, a message from Jon McKellenthe creative director of No Code, hinted that there will be more information in the coming year.

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