Kevin Feige refused to make an appearance in She-Hulk

Kevin Feige

Disney+ Kevin Feige refused to actively participate in the She-Hulk series where he is personified by an Artificial Intelligence who has an exchange with Jen.

Kevin Feig

Kevin Feig© GettyKevin Feig

she hulks He has already premiered his nine episodes in Disney+ and the last episode of the tv show had jennifer walters doing something about a few tv characters wonder are trained to perform: break the fourth wall. And he did it big! In this case, the lawyer transformed into a giant Green Goliath showed all her displeasure with the end that was happening on her show and jumped into reality to complain.

Who was he going to complain to if he wasn’t number one? wonder? Oui, Kevin Feigbut in this case it is revealed that an artificial intelligence known as KEVIN is in the shoes of the brand’s most important executive and has the algorithm to create the most entertaining content giving a strategic advantage to wonder during the development of each of its products, series or films.

So the author of she hulks, Jessica Gaorevealed that Kevin Feig did not agree to lend his voice to the AI ​​of the final season for Disney+. “We campaigned for Kevin”acknowledged the writer who also had another refusal from the executive of wonder about a detail in the script that would have been even weirder than the ending we entered she hulks.

Kevin Feige said no to She-Hulk

“We had a hat fight because in the script, She-Hulk goes to the inner sanctum and there’s this massive HAL 9000 type AI machine and that’s KEVIN. The machine wore a small black baseball cap on top. The pre-vis crew had started faking all the different types of versions of KEVIN, and they were all wearing little black baseball caps. »dit Gao.

“Then the real Kevin says… ‘It doesn’t make sense for a machine to wear a baseball cap… You can’t do it.’ »Gao added, before revealing how the standoff was resolved. A member of the VFX team suggested defining part of KEVIN’s design based on the baseball cap, but as an in-machine element, so Feige was happy with the digital artists’ engagement.

Regarding the possibility of another character breaking the fourth wall, Gao expressed: “I like when KEVIN says the problem is solved, because I don’t want every character in the MCU to be able to confront him about his storylines. So I hope it’s something unique. Now we know it exists, but I don’t think we should be revisiting it all the time. ».

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