Justin Bieber Postpones His World Tour In Order To Focus On His Health

Justin Bieber is taking a break to focus on his Health.

The pop star, 28, announced on his Instagram story the previous day that he’d be canceling the rest of his world tour, which includes 70 shows planned to run until 2023, for the purpose of “taking the time needed to recover and recover.”

“After taking a break and consulting my doctors as well as my family and friends, I traveled to Europe in order to keep the tour going. I did six live shows, however, it took a toll upon me.” He wrote in his section. “So I’m taking the time off from touring for the moment.” I’ll be fine.”

2022 has been a grueling season in the life of the “Lonely” artist. In June, Bieber rescheduled the scheduled U.S. dates on his Justice tour following a bout with Ramsay Hunt syndrome that left him partially paralyzed on his face. Bieber was unable to change the date of his summer tour that included U.S. shows but performed a few shows throughout Europe in August prior to heading to Brazil this past weekend for a performance on the stage at Rock in Rio.

However, “after being off the arena (in Brazil), the exhaustion took over, which made me realize that I needed to make my health the first priority,” Bieber said in his announcement.

Justin Bieber health

Bieber’s tour featured arena shows and stadiums throughout South America, South Africa, Japan, and Australia throughout the autumn and into the new year.

In recent times, the singer has spoken openly about his depression struggles and anxiety, saying in 2019 that he was trying to “bounce off of terrible decisions.”

Bieber isn’t just the latest famous musician to refer to health and the mental strain of performing and touring as the reason behind putting off engagements on stage.

On July 1, Shawn Mendes canceled his world tour that was scheduled to take place in North America and Europe through 2023. “I have to be patient and spend the time I’ve not considered personally, to get back to myself and get back to my best,” he said in an email to his fans.

Similar to Bieber, Mendes has been open with his followers throughout his time, revealing on Twitter in April of last year that he was feeling as if he “constantly feels as if he’s floating ou drowning.”

In the year 2020, megastar K-pop group BTS put off their world tour. They cited burnout as the reason. BTS members openly spoke about their battles with anxiety and depression.

“These aren’t emotions that should be kept secret,” BTS member Suga said to Teen Vogue.
The band announced their plans for December in the same month. BTS has also revealed that they will take a mental wellness break to enjoy the holiday season together with family members and “get refreshed and recharged with energy and creativity.” On June 1, BTS announced to fans they’d be embarking on an absence in the form of a break from BTS which was initially described as a hiatus before being changed by the group – so that members could enjoy time off or pursue individual projects.


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