John Carter Star Taylor Kitsch Reflects on Franchise Failure

Actor Taylor Kitsch reflected on his unfortunately short-lived time spent on Barsoom in the 2012 sci-fi adventure film, John Carter. Whereas John Carter is considered one of the biggest box office bombs in history, the public watches the film with emotion. And it looks like Taylor Kitsch feels the same way. Speaking to Screenrant, Kitsch recalled the “fun” experience, saying that despite the pain he was feeling at the time, he “wouldn’t change anything.”

“Aww, thanks man. I also appreciate the support from you guys. I’m always flattered. It showed me, and I learned an incredible amount about this movie. I still have a great relationship with this film, which is saying a lot. I have no ill will, I learned a lot, man. And I made great strides personally and professionally through that. It hurt, obviously, at the time, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing, to be honest. It’s what it is, we all have those moments… It’s fun when people stop and talk about JC and their kids, they watch it with their kids and so on. That was why, you know, it was fun. »

Based on the first book in a series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter follows Taylor Kitsch as the titular character, a Confederate Army captain who is transported to Mars. Thrown into the civil unrest unfolding between the warring kingdoms of Barsoom (Mars), Carter must face his fate and become the hero the planet needs.

John Carter grossed $284 million at the worldwide box office, which would have resulted in a $200 million write-off for Disney. Critical response didn’t fare much better then, but since then, John Carter sparked a cult. A cult sequel that can’t wait to see the planned sequels take shape.

Director Andrew Stanton revealed the details of the John Carter Sequels

John Carter director Andrew Stanton recently revealed details about what would have happened if the planned sequels had been given the green light. The next episode would have been titled gods of mars, and would have resumed ten years after the first film. “His wife Dejah had their baby while he was away, was kidnapped by the villainous Matai Shang,” Stanton explained. “Carter returns to Mars to find that Dejah has come back down the river, convinced that it will lead her to the Thurns and their stolen child. »

gods of mars would have reunited John with his son, who was “genetically advanced baby-to-adult” and now a “superhuman warrior” – which would no doubt have led to an action-packed reunion.

The third exit Mars Warlordwould have revolved around a “giant clock and the world will end if Carter cannot find the Therns and kill them before they kill the planet”, and would have concluded with John Carter stopping the Thurns, saving the planet and being given the official title Warlord of Mars.

While we’ll never see the John Carter franchise on the big screen, it’s good to hear that Taylor Kitsch can now look back on the experience with fondness. Kitsch can next be seen in the miniseries, Pain killer.

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