Jennifer Lawrence Discusses the End of Roe v. Wade and Recounts Her Two Miscarriages

A few months after when the Supreme Court ruled to overturn the landmark decision that was Roe V. Wade, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was a victim of two miscarriages prior to having her son.

Lawrence who is a part of Lawrence, who will be seen in the coming Apple TV+ exclusive Causeway Lawrence, who will be appearing in the upcoming Causeway exclusive on Apple TV+, has his miscarriages in Vogue in a brand new cover story. The magazine’s editor expressed anger over the court’s decision to reverse the case on reproductive rights.

The actress claimed that she “had one miscarriage on her own at home in Montreal” within her 20s and another during making “Don’t look up” for Netflix. Another miscarriage she explained needed her to undergo D&C, a surgical procedure that was used to remove the tissue of the uterus (a procedure that is now illegal in the Lawrence’s state of Kentucky).

While she claims that she experienced the “very lucky” baby with the birth of her son Cy which she has with her husband Cooke Maroney, the experience changed her perspective on things.

“I recall many times thinking about it during my time pregnant,” Lawrence said. “Thinking about the things taking place to me. It was a fantastic pregnancy. I had a very blessed pregnancy. However, every second of my existence was unique. It would occur to me at times: “What would I do if required to do that?”

Jennifer Lawrence (credit: apple+tv)

Lawrence claims that having a baby was like “starting from scratch” and, in this, she became more vocal about her political views.

As a member of an orthodox family, Lawrence stated that she was initially trying to be open to her family’s differing political views.

“I have worked to the max over the last five years in order to forgive my father and my family, and also try to comprehend that it’s different. The information they’re getting is different. Their lives are very different. I’ve tried to come to terms with it but I’m just not able to. I’m not able,” she stressed. “I’m sorry that I’m releasing the truth, but I’m not going to be friends with people who aren’t politically minded now. You’re here in America. The United States of America. You must be a politician. It’s too serious. People are dying because of politics.”

She then expressed her anger at the inherent male-dominated political environment.

“I do not want to discredit the people in my life, however, I am aware that many people are in the same situation as their families. What is the best way to raise a daughter from the beginning and think that she’s not worthy of the same rights? How?

Check out Lawrence’s complete interview with Vogue here.


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