Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To See John Stamos Play A Handsome Supervillain In The MCU

Jamie Lee Curtis

Recent comments from Jean Stamos ont Jamie Lee Curtis supporting the idea of ​​bringing the actor into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking to Collider in an August interview, Stamos suggested he’d be ready to join the MCU “in a flash.” He noted that he was particularly interested in doing so after voicing the animated version of Iron Man on the kids’ show. Spidey and his amazing friends.

To promote the release of Halloween se termineCurtis appeared for a new interview on Le spectacle de Drew Barrymore. Discussing our 45secondes.fr article on Stamos’ comments, Curtis was asked by Barrymore what superpower she thought of her. Scream Queens co-star should have if he became a Marvel superhero. For his part, Curtis could only suggest that he was playing a “really handsome” character.

“Wow. Is there a really good looking Marvel character? Because John Stamos is simply magnificent. Are there any sexy wonders? »

Curtis praises Stamos for being so kind and warm behind the scenes, believing that it would make him even better if he played a more dastardly character rather than a superhero if he ever got the call from Marvel Studios.

“I would do it mean then. I think what would also be fun is to flip him around and not…because he’s already a superhero. The truth is that John is a superhero. He couldn’t love life. He couldn’t love his child more. He loves being John. Me (I want to see him be the bad guy). But I still wish he was a really sexy villain. Really nasty. »

John Stamos plays Iron Man in an animated series

These days Stamos can be seen in a starring role in the Disney+ series big hat, although he also recently took on the role of a Marvel superhero. He lends the voice of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in Spidey and his amazing friends, making his debut in the role this year. Providing voice-over work for the cartoon puts the actor’s foot in the door, so to speak, putting themselves on Marvel’s radar. Perhaps with the added endorsement of Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Feige might be inspired to make that phone call to Stamos soon.

As for Curtis, she’s already made headlines by playfully poking fun at Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as he played in theaters alongside his film Everything everywhere all at once. Curtis later told PEOPLE that she would “of course” do a Marvel movie if offered. Who knows, maybe she’ll be lucky enough to reunite with Stamos in the MCU.


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