Is it Vegapunk? A Notorious Genius Debuts In Manga Chapter 1061

The world of a play is of a variety of higher mysterious characters inhabited, but hardly any figure is so mysterious and at the same time interesting as doctor vegapunkthe Navy’s chief scientist and the mastermind behind curious inventions like fiffie, Funkefried but also that Pacifist Project.

The so-called was mentioned government genius already in several chapters of Eiichiro Oda’s Pirate Epicwe saw the head of Special Scientific Group but never. Maybe until now, because in Chapter 1061 the Straw Hats are coming to a place closely associated with Vegapunk.

Those who prefer not to know anything about the news or who One Piece History at the rate of anime would like to enjoy, which is a little behind the manga, should rather not continue reading at this point, because the following will follow massive spoilers for the current chapter and recent events.

One Piece: Is Dr. Vegapunk? Appeared in manga chapter 1061

the Arc Wa no Kuni ended in the manga a few weeks ago and we are now officially in the last saga of one piece, although it is not yet known how many arcs the path to the finale will have. Part of it is definitely a new island with an unusual name.

protagonists Singe D Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates has now reached a new island, which is about as Egghead Island can be translated. Since the corresponding arcs have always been named after the island on which the Straw Hats adventure took place, we are now probably in the egghead arc.

However, this place does not get its unusual name by accident as we learn in manga chapter 1061, rather it is the official headquarters of Vegapunk, the mysterious chief government developer. Of course, there is also a naval base near this island, on which currently tashigi et children of punk danger condition.

In addition, readers can find out about the presence of certain members of SWORDthe Navy’s secret special unit. Hemmeppo is also present because it differs from that of Vegapunk seraph want to borrow from corby to save this only in the last chapter of this Emperor Blackbeard Was kidnapped.

But much more important is who the Straw Hats get to know, because soon after they Attack of a gigantic robotic shark escaped, confront them a young woman as Doctor Vegapunk himself. And of course, as the new chapter draws to a close with this performance, the fan talk is just beginning.

doctor Vegapunk in One Piece (anime), manga chapter 1061 news
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On the one hand, many immediately noticed that said woman wears lettering on her top, the point 02 seems to be. Many now suspect that the unknown a Vegapunk clone or one cyborg could be. Additionally, Vegapunk could also genius’s last name to be, which means that maybe this his daughter or even his granddaughter is.

That it is Dr. Vegapunk himself is considered by many to be unlikely, as according to current information, Vegapunk is in the Navy Headquarters should stop. Moreover, it would be imprudent for the government to important chess piece easy to go to an island where he could be kidnapped by powerful pirates such as Blackbeard.

Additionally, Vegapunk has already been used by Ours Batholomeus was called a man. A member of G-5 Marine also said that the scientist was an old man acts, which is why it can be assumed that the real Vegapunk is already a little older.

But we’ll see what the truth really looks like in two weeks at the earliest experience, because the manga makes One Piece a break next week. But that shouldn’t stop you from diligently sharing your own thoughts on the subject. What do you want to say ? Could the young lady really be Dr. Be Vegapunk?

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