iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 drop test: who wins?

What can the new iPhone 14 Pro Max withstand? As much as the competition in the form of the Galaxy S22 Ultra? Or even more? A YouTuber reviewed this during the drop test. The results are not surprising.

As soon as a new iPhone arrives, it’s put through its paces, taken apart, and discarded. The iPhone 14 is no exception. YouTuber PhoneBuff has grabbed Apple’s new flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max and dropped it against one of its biggest competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Better conditions for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you look at the requirements for the drop test, the iPhone 14 Pro Max seems to be in a better position. Apple’s smartphone has a flat screen unlike the Galaxy S22 Ultra with its curved design and a stainless steel frame instead of aluminum like the Samsung phone. Apple also claims that its “Ceramic Shield” glazing is the best on a smartphone – and therefore also superior to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Victus+.

Both smartphones suffer significant damage

However, the first round of tests does not start very promisingly for the iPhone. When falling on its back, the glass of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is optically more damaged than that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Additionally, the rear camera also gets a clear scratch. The good news, however, is that both screens remain intact and the smartphones continue to work.

The comparison when falling on a corner, on the other hand, ends in a draw. Both smartphones have minor damage, but this does not affect functionality. Both models then take increased damage on the next drop on the screen. The screen glass breaks on both mobile phones – on the Galaxy S22 Ultra across the entire width, on the iPhone 14 Pro Max mainly in the upper right corner. Nevertheless, Face ID seems to continue to work, but then the front camera shows unwanted reflections. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the fingerprint sensor under the screen can no longer be used after the drop.

Neither of the two smartphones emerged as the clear winner of the duel. Both models suffer significant damage and then need a new screen. Therefore, it is definitely advisable to protect a new smartphone with a good case.

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