Increase productivity with an on-board corrector

MerciApp tool

If the importance of writing clean and error-free text is well established, it can be complex to produce error-free content. This is particularly true when working on different media at the same time, because the differences in interfaces, fonts and structures as well as fatigue can make us commit oversights that we do not systematically see. To solve these problems, various spell checkers have been developed, such as MerciApp, which aims to become a daily companion.

Increase productivity with the MerciApp extension

The MerciApp application is a tool designed to quickly correct all kinds of errors in your texts. This embedded spell checker is available on various web browsers, and has many functions that make it very interesting for all types of writers.

Ease of use

One of the main qualities of the extension is to be usable everywhere and at any time. This includes the places where you are in the physical world, but also the sites you visit in the digital world. The tool follows you everywhere to provide you with the best possible text correction services, and adapts to the way you work.

Indeed, the extension has many settings to dictate how you want to be helped by the proofreader, by allowing or not allowing definitions to be displayed, for example. Language preferences can also be changed to your liking, so you always see the corrections that are most relevant to you.

Among his many featureswe also find the alerts panel, which indicates the presence of errors as well as their number in one look. With one click, you have the complete list of the various errors in your content, which allows you to correct them instantly thanks to the tool’s proposals.

The advantage of this functionality is that it adapts to the site on which it is used. In fact, parameters such as the position of the panel are saved individually for each site, making it easier to use the corrector when you are used to working on different media, each with a separate interface.

The power of the MerciApp tool

The application is very useful in order to quickly correct all kinds of errors in your text. In addition, it analyzes your text at the time of writing, which allows you to react quickly and not end up with a long list of errors to correct once the writing is completed. Text analysis detects errors linked to :

  • spelling
  • The grammar
  • The punctuation
  • Double or missing spaces
  • Syntax inconsistency

Each error is underlined in a specific color so you know in advance what needs to be corrected, or prioritized.

If this type of correction exists natively on certain media and tools, they are not as efficient as we would like when the written content becomes complex. Conversely, MerciApp was developed by a team made up of both developers and linguistic experts, providing a thorough and precise analysis in all circumstances. Indeed, to enrich MerciApp’s technology, the team was naturally made up of people with advanced knowledge of the language to make this knowledge more accessible, giving credibility and justifying suggestions and corrections.

Why opt for an on-board corrector?

Authors often type documents in a hurry and do not always have time to constantly check the spelling, as this will waste a lot of time. A spell checker fulfills the role of assistant automatically correcting spelling mistakese or underlining them for manual correction.

You can also check the grammar of your documents efficiently and quickly to ensure the quality of the content produced, as well as have you suggest alternatives and correct the spelling of misspelled words. This last point is very important, because the presence of mistakes in a text distracts the reader’s attention, who may be led not to invest in the content, or even abandon his reading.

An on-board corrector is an ideal solution to produce quality content while avoiding spending more time on it. Even better, these tools increase productivity, regardless of the type of writing done: going from an article for your blog to writing a product sheet has never been easier.


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