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Iphone "appuyez Sur Le Dos": Comment Utiliser Le Retour Masqué

With each iOS update, Apple introduces new features, some less important. The hidden back-tap button, to which convenient functions can be assigned, has been around for a long time. We’ll show you how.

Press back possible since iOS 14


The new widgets on the home screen were probably the biggest innovation of iOS 14.

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Typing on the back of the iPhone has been possible since iOS 14. However, the operating system was released two years ago. The biggest innovations at the time were the widgets on the home screen and the app media library for a clear display of all installed apps. The back-tap feature was not mentioned in Apple’s keynote. And yet, it is quite handy for various actions and shortcuts. However, this is only possible on iPhone 8 and newer devices. Older iPhones do not support return.

Back Press – Here’s How

The back tap feature is a rather hidden feature that can be enabled in the settings. In addition to activation, you can also determine which function should be assigned to the rear tap. And here’s how it works:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap Accessibility.
  3. Select “Tap” and “Tap on Back”.
  4. Tap “Double tap” or “Triple tap”.

You decide with which function the rear tap should be assigned. With a simple press on the back of the iPhone, you can e.g. B. Take a screenshot or switch to one-handed mode. It saves time. Because: You no longer need to call up the settings for certain functions.


  • Hidden Return is available since iOS 14.
  • The back-tap button must be enabled in the settings under “Accessibility”.
  • With a simple press on the back of the iPhone, you can e.g. B. take a screenshot.
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