How old is Lucecita Ceballos, Joel’s new love in “In the background there is room”

How old is Lucecita Ceballos, Joel's new love in

Lucecita Ceballos is one of the latest additions in the story of “In the background there is room”. Colombian women joined the new season of the television series América as Dalila, Kimberly’s mother and Joel Gonzales’ new love interest. Following her on-screen reappearance, the model, TV presenter and actress has many fans wishing know more about her.

The Colombian actress He is well known in Peru. Indeed, she became known in the country thanks to the show “Night of the 11th”, which he drove with Joselito Carrera. A moment later they repeated the dish, but this time on the radio, in the program “Splash” of Panamerican Radio. Lucecita also hosted a talk show on digital television and in 2022 she was a guest on the show « JB » in mountain biking where she was a teacher.

The truth is that the Colombian is already very successful and therefore has many followers. And although he shares his daily life on social networks, some ignore part of his private life; Among those things, his age. How old is the “AFHS” actress? To continue, the details.

Lucecita Ceballos is one of the latest additions to the history of
Lucecita Ceballos is one of the latest additions to the ‘There’s Room in the Background’ story (Photo: Lucecita Ceballos/Instagram)

Luz Marina Ceballos, known to Peruvians as Lucecita Ceballos, was born on April 4, 1977 in Colombia. Thus, in 2022, The actress turned 45.

The secret to reaching this age with the figure she has, reveals the Colombian herself, is to go to the gym 3 times a week, for an hour and a half. “A good routine to look good is physical activity, good nutrition and good love,” confessed in a interview 2020.

  • Name: Luz Marina Ceballos
  • Date of birth: April 4, 1977
  • Place of birth: Colombia
  • Age: 45
  • Profession: actress, model and TV presenter
  • Height: 1.75m
  • zodiac sign: ram
  • Social networks: Instagram | Facebook

Lucecita has over 936,000 followers on Instagram. In this space, he constantly posts photographs of his work and daily activities such as exercise routines or posing for the camera lens. On Facebook, the model also exceeds 12,000 followers.

Lucecita Ceballos posing for the camera (Photo : Lucecita Ceballos/Instagram)
Lucecita Ceballos posing for the camera (Photo : Lucecita Ceballos/Instagram)

Chapter 81 of “In the Background There Is Room” was key due to the appearance of Lucecita Ceballos as Dalila, who happens in the story to be the new love of Joel Gonzáles. What will happen between them? Soon we will see it on screen.

In a recent interview with El Popular newspaper, Lucecita said she felt very happy after entering the series. In addition, she revealed that she had to pass a casting to be chosen as the new love interest of Joel Gonzáles (Erick Elera).

“It was a surprise. I already have experience in acting, logically I went through a casting. You know that for each character, no matter how well known, you go through a casting… I feel quite privileged, it’s a great challenge that I’m starting to take up with all the passion and dedication that characterizes me”said the Colombian.

Lucecita Ceballos playing Delilah in
Lucecita Ceballos jouant Delilah dans «AFHS» (Photo: Lucecita Ceballos / Instagram)

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