How old are the youngest actors of “Sagrada Familia”

How old are the youngest actors of

Manolo Caro has entrusted a new project to Netflix and it is ” The Holy Family”. The series features renowned personalities such as Najwa Nimri and dawn flowers, actresses who have many years of experience. However, he also has younger, but equally talented faces.

Previously, the Mexican filmmaker directed “the house of flowers”, “Someone Must Die” and “Once Upon a Time…But Not Now”, all with the streaming platform. Given the success of his productions, they once again trusted him to deliver an intriguing story.

Moreover, within the cast there are well-known artists such as Macarena Gomezwho starred in “The Man of Your Life”, and alex garciaExcerpt from “A Private Affair”.

Birthday: 16 avril (1999)

Carla Campra, who plays Aitana, has extensive television experience. At only 23 years old, she starred in titles such as “Yo soy Bea”, “Fair: The darkest light”, “90-60-90” and “Señoras del (h)AMPA”. In addition, she will soon be part of “The Girl of Communion”.

Birthday: February 1 (1997)

The actor who plays Abel made his debut with the film “Ánimas” and with the series “Fugitivas”, where he played Rubén. Since then, he has been part of several television programs such as “Elite Historias Breves: Patrick” and “Paraíso”, despite being only 25 years old. Soon, he will participate in “The Criminal Readers Club”, the Netflix adaptation of Carlos García Miranda’s book.

Aitana, Gloria and Abel have dinner together at the
Aitana, Gloria and Abel have dinner together at the “Sagrada Familia” (Photo: Cinéma Noc Noc)

Birthday: August 13 (1996)

Álvaro plays Marcos in “Sagrada Familia”. However, the 26-year-old actor is best known for his role as Polo in ‘Elite’. In addition, he was part of the series “Velvet Collection”, “Relatos con-fin-a-dos”, “El Cid”, “Alba”, among others.

Birthday: May 4th (1995)

Pol Hermoso, 27, plays Felipe in “La Sagrada Familia”. Previously, he had played the role of Uri in “Merlí” and Rubén Entrerríos in “Alba”. In 2016, he participated in his first feature film with Manuela Burló Moreno in “Rumbos”.

Pol Hermoso and Álvaro Rico acting in the Netflix series,
Pol Hermoso and Álvaro Rico acting in the Netflix series, “Sagrada familia” (Photo: Noc Noc Cinema)

Birthday: December 15 (1993)

Miri Pérez-Cabrero, 28, who plays Monica, was not originally an actress. In 2017 she participated in “MasterChef Spain”, where she was the fifth finalist. However, in 2020, she made her debut with the Netflix series, “Someone Must Die”, where she played Cristina and worked alongside Manolo Caro.

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