How I Met Your Father shows the return of another character from How I Met Your Mother


The premiere of the second season of the series »how i met your father surprised all his fans with one of the most anticipated cameos, showing the return of Neil Patrick Harris like Barney Stinson.

The final episode of the series featured Sophie, played by Hilary Duf, plant your car behind another. As soon as the driver of the vehicle gets out, we quickly realize that the owner is none other than Barney Stinson, and all the fans are enthusiastic about his return to the series.

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Of course, Barney isn’t the only character to return in “How I Met Your Mother.” The first season of the spin-off series featured the actress cobie smulders return to his role as Robin, in addition to small appearances of El Capitan, played by Kyle Mc Lachlanand Carl the bartender, played by joe nieves.

Robin’s appearance at the end of the first season excited many fans, with the character giving Sophie advice on relationships. With that, it was understandable that several of the “How I Met Your Mother” characters could come with cameos in the new series.

Previously, the actor Josh Radnor, who played Ted Mosby, admitted he was ready to return to the comedy series. “I had a really nice exchange with Hilary Duff. We talked about being the ‘me’ on the show,” Radnor said. “Hilary has said publicly that she would love to have me, so I wouldn’t turn down an invitation. »

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Although the premiere of “How I Met Your Father” received poor reviews in a commercial, over time the series gained a large number of viewers, prompting Hulu to consider releasing a second season. The series serves as a sequel of sorts to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and focuses on the lives of Sophie and her group of friends, who try to navigate their lives by dealing with issues such as dating, career and the family.

“How I Met Your Mother” features new episodes every Wednesday Star+.

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