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Although he is one of the characters recently introduced to »a play », Yamato She has become an anime and manga fan favorite, being a 28-year-old daughter of the Emperor. Kaidouhaving a hard training since she was little to be her father’s heiress.

However, along the way, he eventually develops a strong admiration for Kozuki Oden, descending to become and call himself Oden, something that totally exceeds his father’s expectations. Yamato showcases one of the most striking styles in ‘One Piece’, standing 2.63cm tall and featuring long white hair with green and blue shading and red horns on his head.

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Yamato called himself Oden in the manga. / Source: Shueisha

Yamato’s presence was of paramount importance during the The Arch of Wanowhere he meets Luffy and joins the alliance of ninjas, pirates, minks, and samurai to defeat Kaido and free Wano. Yamato’s powers reside in the fruit Inu Inu : model Okuchi no Makamiwhich gives him the ability to transform into a kind of human beast, being a hybrid between human and divine wolf.

Likewise, Yamato is capable of using haki, having the ability to use three different types: Kenbunshoku haki, Busoshoku haki, and Haoshoku haki. The young woman’s weapon is a giant kanabo called Takeru, an iron staff very similar to the one used by Kaidou.

Yamato had a strong admiration for Oden since she was little, which caused her to constantly fight with her father. Years later, Yamato herself witnessed Oden’s execution, causing a great shock to her ideals and awakening a strong belief in her. Yamato decides to go to Oden Castle in Kuri and finds Oden’s logbook.

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Yamato and Ace manage to forge a close friendship. / Source: MAPPA

After proclaiming himself Oden, Kaidou decides to lock him in a cave for a month, putting explosive irons on him to prevent him from escaping. However, over time, Yamato encounters as when he arrives on the island intending to kill Kaidou, a strong friendship develops between them.

Since her first appearance in the manga, Yamato has proven herself to be a woman with strong determination, fighting for what she believes is right and even going up against her own father to liberate Wano Island. Yamato is currently one of the most beloved characters in the “One Piece” community, and many are waiting to see how his story unfolds in the future.

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