Having trouble with Windows 11 Fast Startup? Learn how to turn it off

Your PC will start up faster after being turned off thanks to a feature called “Fast Startup” which has been part of Windows since version 8. In order to avoid having to reload your PC’s device drivers and kernel session, Quickstart works by saving some of them to a specific file on your hard drive.

Having trouble with Windows 11 Fast Startup?  Learn how to turn it off

Critical operating system files are saved on the hibernate disk and that’s how fast boot works. By doing this, you can prevent your computer from having to reload previously run processes, allowing it to recover from errors quickly. It effectively combines the hibernation and cold shutdown phases of Windows.

When the feature is enabled, when the system shuts down, it simply logs out all users and saves the current system state to the hibernation file. The data will not be loaded from scratch the next time you turn on the computer, but rather from the hibernation state, which shortens the boot time.

However, you can easily disable Windows 11’s fast startup feature if it’s giving you trouble by going to the power settings in Control Panel.

Steps to disable Fast Startup using Control Panel:

Simultaneously press the Windows key and S to launch the “Search” menu.
In the text box at the top, type “Control Panel”, then click the appropriate search result that appears. This launches the Control Panel application.
Select “System and Security” in the next window.
Then select “Power Options”.
Select what the power buttons do from the list of choices on the left.
To change settings that are currently not working, click “Change”.
Uncheck the “Enable Fast Startup” option, then click “Save Changes”.
The quick start function will be disabled.
Fast Boot is known to have issues, despite the fact that it speeds up performance by reducing boot time. Since Windows Update requires a full shutdown for a full install, this is the main issue. Also, if Windows is installed on the computer and the fast startup feature is enabled while another operating system is in use, you may encounter problems while modifying the hard drive.

This is because Windows has locked the drive and any changes made by another operating system may lead to corruption. There is also a risk of encountering blue screen of death (BSOD) errors because the system does not shut down completely. This happens because critical drivers are not loading when they should, causing the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

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