Gus Fring’s Biggest Mystery That Remains Unsolved After ‘Better Call Saul’

Gus Fring's Biggest Mystery That Remains Unsolved After 'Better Call Saul'

August 15 ended You better call Saul the prequel to “Breaking Bad” which has become one of the favorite productions of Netflix users. So, in addition to focusing on the journey of Saul Goodman, the series also brought back the mysterious Gus Fring.

Performed by actor Giancarlo Esposito, this is considered one of the fan favorite characters. In this sense, we were able to learn a little more about him and his relationship with his companion. Max.

However, there is a key point in his life that has not yet been revealed and which could be presented in another spin off of the television project. Do you want to know more? Next, find out what is the biggest mystery of Gus Fring which remains unresolved.

According to the ScreenRant portal, the great mystery of Gustavo Fring that the creators Vince Gilligan et Peter Gould hide always has to do with what happened to the character in santiago, Chili.

Although we find out how he built his secret meth lab, what his routine was, and how he ran his criminal organization, the truth is that the events in his hometown have never been explained.

During the fourth season of « Breaking Bad »only this place is mentioned, because we are witnessing the beginning of the rivalry between Gus Oui Mr Eladiowho murdered the friend and associate of fringe, Max. Later, it is simply revealed that the file of Gustave in Chile does not exist, so it is obvious that the owner of “The Chicken Brothers” he would have gone to great lengths to protect his past identity.

Gus Fring and his partner Max are from Santiago, Chile (Photo: AMC)
Gus Fring and his partner Max are from Santiago, Chile (Photo: AMC)

According to what is established in the two productions, Gustave assistance Max escape from the slums of Santiago and finally they both arrived Mexico.

Although it is speculated that fringe could have been linked to real events involving the dictator Augusto Pinochetthe truth is that these are just rumors that seek to substantiate the essential facts that Gus would have left behind.

Gus Fring mourns the death of Max in 'Breaking Bad' (Photo: AMC)
Gus Fring mourns the death of Max in ‘Breaking Bad’ (Photo: AMC)

This mystery persisted during the two series and could lead to the creation of a future spin-off on the character. at least for Giancarlo Espositothis idea is not excluded: « [Gould y Gilligan] They said exactly that: it’s not over until it’s over, and you never know. »he told EW.

Although it is not an official confirmation of a new production of the universe « Breaking Bad »the mere existence of this possibility is surely something many fans are already celebrating.

Gus Fring is a key character in the
Gus Fring is a key character in the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe (Photo: AMC)

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