Florence Pugh Won’t Come In The Don’t Worry Darling Press Conference

Despite rumors to the contrary, Florence Pugh will not be present at the Don’t Worry Darling press conference at the Venice Film Festival on Monday.

The Lady Macbeth actress was reportedly never going to make it to the conference because her flight from the Dune sequel set didn’t arrive until at least an hour after it was scheduled to begin.

However, according to Deadline, Florence will take part in both the photo call and the red carpet walk. Additionally, they assert that she would watch the movie alongside Olivia and Harry, two of her co-stars.

Florence won’t be staying around for very long because, according to them, she’s scheduled to return to the set on Tuesday morning.

Following claims that director Olivia and actress Florence had an altercation behind the scenes, the movie Don’t Worry Darling has been the subject of a media frenzy recently.

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When it was asserted that the Marvel star had restricted her promotion of the movie to the Venice Film Festival debut, speculation intensified further.

Contrary to rumors, Olivia sang the actress’ praises in a recent interview and had nothing but respect for her.

She praised Florence, calling her “ferociously gifted.” She was tenacious in her search for the truest expression of each moment.

She also understood that my true intention was to have Harry and her love story come across as so genuine that it would be impossible for anyone not to fall in love with them. It had to be a passionate but nuanced love that had a real sense of depth.

Despite knowing there are points in the movie when they shouldn’t, I desperately wanted to establish a complex, deep connection that viewers would buy into. I wanted you to resist, even when the movie says you should question them.

When the Don’t Worry Darling first trailer was unveiled in May, it featured a thrilling scene in which Florence and Harry’s characters engaged in oral sex on a dining room table. It was all that fans on social media could talk about.

In a recent interview, Florence refused to discuss the moment but lambasted fans for limiting the movie to a single sex scene.

“It’s not why we do it,” the speaker said, “when it’s down to your sex scenes or to see the most renowned man in the world go down on someone.” It’s not the reason I work in this field,’ she said to Harper’s Bazaar.


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