Finding Instagram Filters: How to Find Funny Story Filters and Effects

With filters and effects, you can make your Instagram stories entertaining and creative. Found a fun effect on an Instagram account and want to use it too? We’ll show you how to find and use story filters.

Find filters in the Effects Gallery


In the effects gallery you will find many filters.

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Aren’t the standard filters and effects enough for your reels and stories? A small detour brings you to the effects gallery. Here you have access to many filters and effects.

  1. Open the camera panel on Instagram to create a story or a reel.
  2. Tap the screen once to reveal the filter bubbles below.
  3. Swipe all the way to the right to the “Browse Effects” magnifying glass icon.
  4. Tap the magnifying glass to open the effects gallery.
  5. Search for filters in different categories or use the classic search function at the top right.
  6. Tap the filter you want, then tap Try.

You can try all the filters on Instagram beforehand.

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You can also save the new filter to find it more quickly. To do this, tap the flag icon next to “Try it”. You can now always find the filter as a standard filter in the filter bubbles on the far left. It can also be found in the Effects Gallery under “Saved”.

Find story filters across Instagram profiles


You can use the star symbol to discover story filters on other Instagram channels and then try them out.

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If you’ve discovered fun or creative filters and effects on other Instagram profiles, you can easily save them and try them out for yourself. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the desired Instagram profile.
  2. Tap the star icon.
  3. Find a video and tap “Try” to test the filter.

Search Filters in Stories and Reels

While scrolling through stories and reels on Instagram, you will surely come across different filters and effects. Once a filter has been used, you can also try it out.

Find Filters in Stories: The filter name (with asterisks) is displayed just below the profile name if a filter was used. Tap the ‘greater than’ icon next to the filter name, then tap ‘Try’. You can also tap Save Effect. The filter will then be displayed as the default filter in the filter bubbles or in the effects gallery under “Saved”.

Look for filters in the reels: The filter name (with asterisks) will appear above the Instagram profile name if a filter was used. Tap the name, then tap Use Effect at the bottom. You can also tap the flag icon in the top right. The filter will then be displayed as the default filter in the filter bubbles or in the effects gallery under “Saved”.


  • You can find and use filters and effects on Instagram in several ways.
  • In the Effects Gallery you will find many effects and filters.
  • You can also use the asterisk symbol to find and try effects on other Instagram profiles.
  • In Stories and Reels you can see if filters have been used. If you tap on the filter name (with an asterisk), you can try out the effects yourself.
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