Expo D23: Hamster & Gretel: everything you need to know

At this year’s Expo D23, shows, movies, and games that fall under the Disney umbrella came together to celebrate and announce some of the newest projects in the Disney world. Disney Channel has shaped the childhoods of children around the world. From eye-catching animated films and shorts to TV shows and cartoons that will have kids tuning in every week for new episodes, Disney Channel continues to deliver generation-defining shows. Some creators cemented their iconic status by developing some of the most memorable shows in Disney Channel history. For the new animated show Hamster and Gretel Dan Povenmire has done it again.

Povenmire is co-creator of the Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb. So if you were excited to spend the 104 days of summer vacation with the ambitious pair of brothers until school arrived just to end it, then you need to check it out. Hamster and Gretel! On the first day of the weekend event, Hamster and Gretel hosted a panel with creator Dan Povenmire and cast members as they talked about this exciting new project. Here’s everything you need to know about Hamster and Gretel.

What is it about?

Hamster and Gretel follow a young girl named Gretel and her pet hamster after gaining superpowers from some aliens. Well, with great power comes great responsibility and for a young girl like Gretel, she’s going to need her own guidance.

Luckily his brother Kevin is there to help! This team of siblings and their pet hamster battle some of the most ridiculous villains (in the best way) a mastermind can invent in order to protect their town. We’ve got action, family and superpowers! What more could you ask for? If you’re looking to watch this brand new show, episodes are currently airing on the Disney Channel!

A cast to remember

As explored in the D23 panel, casting for this show was a top priority for Povenmire. The choices made for these characters add another layer to why this show is destined to be a hit. For starters, Povenmire makes it a family affair, casting his real child, Meli Povenmire, as Gretel. We also have young actor Michael Cimino as Kevin, incomparable pop culture icon Joey King as Fred, YouTube megastar Liza Koshy as Veronica Hill, and even Disney Channel’s Alyson Stoner as Lauren’s role.

If that wasn’t enough, stranger things star Priah Ferguson plays the character of Bailey! Although many of these players were absent from the D23 panel, their presence was definitely felt and they were highly praised by their teammates and Povenmire himself. You can see these stars in action by watching an exclusive clip from D23 Expo here!

Why should you be excited

From the animation style to the heartwarming brotherly dynamic between Kevin and Gretel, this show captures all the charismatic fun every Disney Channel show should have, and more. Dan Povenmire has definitely not lost his touch. At Expo D23 this year, the cast spoke about the show and how it continues to push for more diversity and inclusion in entertainment. Carolina Ravassa, who plays Carolina, a Latina mom on the show, and Venezuelan actress Karina Moreno, who plays a very interesting villain in the story, speak highly of the need to bring these diverse characters to screen for children’s television. Additionally, Povenmire outlines the monumental steps the industry has taken in its ability to portray a young female character participating in intense, albeit animated, action sequences.

From the ethics behind the storytelling as well as the Povenmire genius involved in its creation, Hamster and Gretel is the kids show to watch.

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