Dwayne Johnson doubles down on Black Adam vs. Superman

Dwayne Johnson

Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doubled down on his intention to give the public a black adam versus Superman strong test. Speaking to Comicbook.com, Johnson continued to keep things a little close to his colossal chest, but suggested that when Black Adam and Superman meet, it might not be a showdown at all.

” I do not know. I do not know. I think the question is, should it be confrontation? I don’t know if that’s the way to go. And when fans watch Black Adam and they see the ending, and they really pay attention, like I know they will…as they pay attention to the words that were spoken, they pay attention to the nuance of the looks. We’ll let that guide us.

Rumors quickly spread that the final moments of black adam will see Henry Cavill reprise the role of Superman, with Johnson even suggesting here that those rumors may indeed be accurate. If the Man of Steel appears in black adam remains to be seen, but Johnson is adamant that the DC anti-hero debut is the first brick in building the DC Universe.

“We can’t go there right away. Now we have come to a great place where we have delivered for the public. And when I say ‘we listen to the public’, they know we mean it. And when we say “we’re building the DC Universe”, we mean it. That’s what we mean. And when we say “welcome home”, you know who I’m talking about.

Johnson discussed a potential black adam against Superman fights way too much for this to all be a coincidence. The action star even revealed what he would expect to see if the two almighty DC icons ever meet. “I think Black Adam lands the first punch. Now, I don’t know if Black Adam lands the final punch. I grew up DC boy. I love Superman. I love Superman, and I still love him, clearly,” Jonson said earlier. this week. “I can see things so clearly, what this scene looks like, what this scene looks like, what this movie looks like, what the next three movies look like. Now, whether that materializes or not, it always helps when you have that kind of clarity. »

will be the black adam Post-credits scene brings Henry Cavill back as Superman?

A recent scoop claims to reveal details about how Superman will be brought back into the fray. “Waller tells Black Adam he better not leave Khandaq. It’s his prison now. He says something like “Or what!? There is no one on this planet who can stop me. “And she says that in that case she will ask someone who is not from this planet to take care of him,” the alleged details begin.

“Out of the smoke and shadows you see a figure wearing a cape flying, it’s Cavill and he’s telling Adam it’s been a while since someone made the world this nervous and he should talk,” the details conclude, revealing that yes, Henry Cavill was eventually brought back for more than the Man of Steel.

Luckily, audiences don’t have to wait too long to find out just how accurate all of this is, with black adam scheduled for release in the United States on October 21, 2022 by Warner Bros. Pictures.


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