do the relatives of the victims obtain justice?

do the relatives of the victims obtain justice?

ATTENTION, SPOILER ALERT. Basé sur le livre de 2018 « Every day the same night: The untold story of the Kiss nightclub » by primée Brésilienne journalist Daniela Arbex, « Every day the same night ” it’s a Brazilian mini-series on Netflix which reveals the untold story of one of Brazil’s greatest tragedies: from the police investigation to the circumstances that sparked the fire and the tireless fight for justice waged by the families of the victims. A fight that continues 10 years later.

The fiction directed by Gustavo Lipsztein, Julia Rezende and Carol Minêm begins by presenting some of the young people who will become victims of ttragic fire at the Kiss nightclub, which claimed the lives of 242 young people in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

On the morning and afternoon of January 26, 2013, more than a thousand students from six universities and technical courses of the Federal University of Santa Maria prepare to attend the party in the disco located at number 1925 Rua Andradas back. Without imagining thatAt approximately 2:30 a.m. on January 27, 2013, the lead singer of the musical group performing at the time would perform a fireworks display that would start a large fire..

Police and firefighters try to save students in the miniseries

Police and firefighters try to save students in the ‘Everyday, Same Night’ miniseries (Picture: Netflix)

Although the band tries to put out the first flames with water and a fire extinguisher, within minutes the fire spreads throughout Kiss nightclub. The singer does not raise the fire, and when the assistants try to leave the premises through the only door, the security members close the doors to prevent them from leaving without paying.

Although many survived, many died from the toxic fumes they inhaled. When firefighters and police arrive at the scene of the accident, they transfer the injured to the nearest hospitals and discover that the bathroom of the nightclub is full of corpses, since the victims have confused the lights of the toilets with the emergency exit which by the way did not exist.

One of the most heartbreaking parts of ” Every day the same nightis the search for parents. As they visit hospitals and the places where the bodies of the victims are, they do not lose hope of finding their children alive.

After laying off their kids, parents can only fight for justice. They form an association and demand that all those responsible be tried and convicted. One of the musical group members died in the fire, but the others escaped from the place. One of the owners of the nightclub also goes on the run and the other tries to commit suicide.

Finally, they are arrested and the prosecution files a complaint against them. However, the parents are demanding that the 28 people the police name responsible also be charged, including firefighters and other officials.

Parents of victims crying to their children in the miniseries

Parents of victims crying to their children in the ‘Every Day the Same Night’ miniseries (Picture: Netflix)

The investigations conclude that the Kiss nightclub did not have the necessary authorizations to operate, that it exceeded the authorized capacity, that it used flammable materials to cover the roof of the premises to save money. Precisely, this material in contact with fire generated hydrogen cyanide, the same gas that was used in extermination centers like Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Years after the tragedy, the parents of the victims continue to seek justice, while the owners of the nightclub insist that it was just an accident. During this time several parents died without having been able to see those responsible pay for their crimes.

When a group of parents ask the prosecutors in charge of the case to do their job and point out that they are protecting the responsible authorities, they are exposed for defamation and threatened with going to prison. Thanks to a new lawyer, they manage to avoid prison and continue their fight.

After several years of struggle, the parents of the victims obtained that the defendants be tried for voluntary homicide and not guilty, as the defense lawyers wanted. However, the trial scheduled for March 16, 2020 was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and began in December 2021.

« Every day the same nightends by noting that the jury sentenced the defendants to terms of up to 22 years in prison, but nine months later the Court of Justice allowed the defendants’ appeal and, for procedural reasons, ruled quashed the judgment at first instance.

In January 2023, those responsible for the death of 242 young people and many others who survived with serious consequences are released pending another trial which has not yet been dated..

The parents of the victims are still not getting justice (Picture: Every day the same night/Netflix)

The parents of the victims are still not getting justice (Picture: Every day the same night/Netflix)

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