“Destiny: The Winx Saga” Season 2 Ending Explained: Who Bloom Finds in the Dark Realm

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. After Rosalind murdered Dowling and became manager of Alfea, in the second season of “Destiny: The Winx Saga”, netflix series Based on the animated Winx Club saga by Iginio Straffi, several fairies begin to disappear and a dangerous menace lurks in the shadows.

Although some students believe that the missing were simply expelled by Rosalind, Bloom (Abigail Cowen) is convinced that behind the disappearances there is something darker and more dangerous than the burned. Together with his companions, they track down clues and help Silva escape, imprisoned for treason.

When Devin, one of the missing fairies, escapes from where he was being held, Rosalind and her allies make sure he doesn’t say anything that incriminates Alfea’s new headmistress. Flora manages to wake him up, but Rosalind kills him before he can reveal any more information..

Stella spying on Andreas in the second season of
Stella spying on Andreas in the second season of ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ (Photo: Netflix)

During the banquet of the elders, Stella decides to expose Rosalind’s true nature, but the headmistress proves that she is not the real enemy but the blood witches, who used scrapers to attack various fairies.

Furthermore, he reveals that he saved Devan and the other missing fairies thanks to the discovery of Terra, and that Bloom could be Solaria’s salvation, as she possesses the Dragon Flame, which has been dormant for a thousand years.

A fun night on the town is ruined when Stella receives a message from Beatrix asking for help. Although Bloom insists it’s a trap, her friends and her boyfriend decide to take action and confront a mysterious blood witch.

During the confrontation, Andreas, who is controlled by the witch, is about to kill Silva, but the protagonist of ” Destiny: The Winx Sagadiscovers that the villain is Sebastian and manages to avoid more deaths. He tries to stop her, but he makes the mistake of underestimating him.

After rescuing Beatrix, Terra has news for the group and Musa hides a secret related to her magic and the night she lost it. As, the warlock continues to drain magic from other fairies with the intention of gathering enough strength to open the portal to the Dark Realm.

Bloom’s birth mother also had the Dragon Flame.but he lost control and to avoid destroying the world, he decided to get rid of the powerful magic and take refuge in the kingdom of darkness.

To open the portal and gain access to Sombra, an entity that would allow him to resurrect the inhabitants of Aster Dell, Sebastian needs Bloom’s magic, but she refuses to give it up. However, after learning that Dowling had been murdered by Rosalind, the protagonist of « Destiny: The Winx Sagaloses control and burns the director of Alfea.

Bloom opposite Sebastian in the second season of
Bloom facing Sebastian in the second season of “Destiny: The Winx Saga” (Photo: Netflix)

Queen of Solaria sentences her to 20 years of status (something Bloom’s birth mother also went through) because she was a danger to the world. However, for the rest of the community, Rosalind was killed by the Blood Witches. This lie infuriates Sebastian and Grey.

Using magic, Dowling returns from the dead to teach the Winx one last lesson. Meanwhile, conflict hangs over all of Solaria when Beatrix, who hasn’t lost her magic, aids Sebastian in his diabolical plans: to enter Alfea and drain the magic of many fairies.

Before confronting Sebastian, Bloom has two visions. In one, Sebastian opens the door to the Dark Realm and the shadow watches her, while in the second, the wizard is gone, but the building and the shadow are.

Although the Winx group manage to defeat Sebastian when Stella, Terra, and Aisha transform into winged fairies, the witcher manages to open the portal, at least a little. to close it, Bloom leaves the Otherworld and travels to the Dark Kingdom, where she meets a mysterious woman. Is it your mother?

On another side, Stella visits Beatrix’s grave and as she leaves the Shadow appears, which apparently came out when Sebastian opened the portal.

Bloom, did you find your mother at the end of
Bloom, did you find your mother at the end of “Fate: The Winx Saga 2”? (Picture: Netflix)

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