Defender of Heroes was going to have a much more serious ending

Defender of Heroes was going to have a much more serious ending

The main actress of the series »She-Hulk : avocate », Tatiana Maslany confirmed that there was a “more serious” ending to season 1 of the series that fans didn’t get to see. He even commented that the ending of “She-Hulk” could have taken several directions, being the most commented and discussed episode of the production.

“Jessica Gao and I talked a lot about the ending, because the tone could have gone different ways,” Maslany said. “Jess said there were about 20 versions. I’ve never seen 18, but I’ve seen two: the one we used and the one we shot earlier. Gao served as the lead writer for the “She-Hulk” storyline.

Maslany described the scrapped ending as “very different, a bit more serious and less like Jen’s version. It was She-Hulk, which is why it was overpriced in the first place. And he had a different strategy. What I love about this one is that we feel Jen like a KEVIN collaborator again. Even sitting on the floor and asking about the X-Men is like, “We’re friends now,” you know what I mean? Something about that is really funny. »

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The ending of “She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes” chose to show the main character breaking the fourth wall, with Jennifer Walters directly interacting with the artificial intelligence tasked with developing the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gao confirmed that he himself Kevin Feigpresident of Marvel, pushed her to develop an ending that would break the mold of the typical final fight in other series.

“He was like, ‘Why? Nobody telling you to do this you don’t have to do this you can do something completely different we should do something completely different because this show is so different from anything marvel has ever done Gao said. “It was getting that permission from him that really made me think, ‘Oh.’ It just changed everything. »

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The “She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes” series is fully available in the catalog of Disney+.

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