Danny DeVito’s Little Demon Animated Series Called “Evil” By US Congressman

The animated series Little demon has drawn the ire of a US congressman who is now warning families against exposing children to the show. Debuting on FXX in August, Little demon Features Danny DeVito as the voice of Satan with his daughter Lucy DeVito co-starring as the voice of his teenage daughter, Chrissy. Aubrey Plaza is also introduced as Chrissy’s mother who tries to help her daughter live as normal a life as possible, despite being the Antichrist.

On his official Facebook page, US Congressman Mike Johnson posted a complaint about the series which has since gone viral. In the post, Johnson said “the most disturbing part” of the LSU game he watched was an ad for Little demon which aired during a commercial break. Johnson then condemned recent reviews praising the show and warned other parents about the show’s existence lest they introduce their own children to the “clearly evil” show.

“I couldn’t get to the remote quickly enough to protect my 11-year-old son from previewing it, and I wonder how many other kids have been exposed to it and how many millions more will tune into. the new series, owned and marketed by DISNEY,” Johnson said. “The trailer included dark images of Hell, demons and satanic images, as well as an explanation that the main character is… the Antichrist (!). »

He added, “WHAT IN THE WORLD? ! ? I could write volumes this morning and unpack pages of Bible verses here, but instead I’m just going to state the obvious: please be careful. Our job as parents is to guard the hearts and minds of our children. This culture has become alarming and desensitized and this is no game. Disney and FX have decided to embrace and commercialize what is clearly wrong. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Little Demon is ‘clearly bad’ according to Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson then had more to say about the situation when his initial post went viral. The Louisiana congressman said his post must have “hit a cultural nerve” in light of the hundreds of thousands of comments it generated. He clarified that he was not calling for a boycott of Disney, but merely warning other parents that “pure evil lurks” on FXX. Johnson also stands by his claim that the series is dangerous.

“A series that presents Satanism, graphic violence and profanity as light entertainment is not good for anyone, regardless of age, but it is an important fact that many parents (and children) mistakenly assume that if a program is a cartoon, it can’t be that bad,” says Johnson. “And the producers surely know that making the main character (the Antichrist!) a 13-year-old girl will intrigue and appeal to teenagers, and probably young children. »

He concludes, “Disney and FX have made a decision to embrace and market what is clearly and demonstrably wrong. We the people have the freedom to call it out and decide what we want to do about it. I’m heartened that millions of families are taking a stand on this, that countless people have pledged to part ways with the companies responsible for the new series, and that some concerned citizens (like OneMillionMoms.com) have created an online petition to try to stop it. »

New episodes of Little demon premiere on FXX Thursday nights at 10 p.m.

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