Crazyhead, horror-comedy series, is now available on Netflix

Crazyhead, horror-comedy series, is now available on Netflix

Netflix has released the horror-comedy series »Fou ”, created by the winner of the BAFTA award, Howard Overmann, best known for his science fiction series “Misfits”. Although it premiered in 2016 and currently only has one season, it has garnered attention for its lewd and hilarious take on demon hunters, female friendships, and supernatural romance.

Recently added to the streaming platform, the series features Visage Théobold Oui Sweet Suan, who respectively play Amy and Raquel, two best friends who can see demons. These powers make them targets of supernatural forces, while dealing with the challenges of being a young adult.

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“Crazyhead” stood out for its take on the demon slaying genre that contrasts with the strange dynamics of friendship between friends. The story allows us to see the two protagonist friends find themselves in all sorts of trouble within the school, while at the same time they have to fight with all sorts of apparitions from hell.

Fans of the “Misfits” series will find a similar style of comedy in this show. As Howard Overman did in “Misfits” and later in “Crazyhead,” supernatural/sci-fi settings are used as a tool to explore the realities these young people face.

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Initially, Amy seeks help for her mental health as she continues to hallucinate, but discovers that these occurrences are tied to her powers. Although she has no mental health issues, in the end, the series captures the loneliness that those who suffer from such conditions can feel.

The change from the themes typical of the horror genre accompanied by the comedic chemistry between the two protagonists, made “Crazyhead” all the elements to be considered a cult classic. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after its first season, which is available in the Netflix catalog.

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