“Cobra Kai”: what exactly does Miguel’s father do

From the first season of cobra kai“Miguel Diaz’s (Xolo Maridueña) father has been mentioned several times, but he didn’t appear until the fifth season of the netflix series when star student Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) decides to drop everything to seek out Hector Salazar.

Even though new episodes of the “Karate Kid” franchise series They were harshly criticized for their portrayal of Mexico, earning high marks thanks to the protagonists’ war against Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) and the personal dramas of their characters, including that of Miguel.

After meeting and really getting to know Hector Salazar, played by Luis Roberto GuzmanMiguel realizes that he is not the man he expected, so he calls his mother Carmen to apologize and goes home with his sensei.

At first, Héctor Salazar behaves like an exemplary father and a respected businessman, however, when he believes the FBI is looking for him, he shows his true colors.: He threatens Miguel, speaks disdainfully of his new companion and assures that he does not regret having left Carmen. But why was he hiding from the Feds? What is he really doing?

Miguel meets Héctor Salazar in season 5 of
Miguel meets Héctor Salazar in season 5 of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

In the fifth season of ” cobra kai“, Salazar is an Ecuadorian who apparently is in the restaurant business, however, it’s clear that this is just the front of something illegal, as he feared that Miguel was working for the police and the government. checked in.

Although it is not mentioned what Héctor does specifically, it is not difficult to imagine some possibilities, especially since Carmen considers him a very dangerous man and has abandoned him to keep him away from his son.

Are these the same companies you run in Ecuador? In an interview with Sensacine, the Puerto Rican actor Louis Robert Guzman ruled out the possibility of linking his character directly to drug trafficking,

« He is quite ambiguous in the way he explains it. But he talks business. He came together with a lot of money. He says it clearly, it brings us to the fact that he could have committed fraud. He went too far in doing business, being able to deceive someone“, explained the actor known for netflix series Quoi « narcissus« O »Who killed Sarah?”.

Héctor Salazar facing Miguel in the fifth season of
Héctor Salazar facing Miguel in the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

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