Captain America 4 Star Tim Blake Nelson Talks Returning to the MCU as a Leader

The Incredible Hulk star Tim Blake Nelson will reprise the role of Samuel Sterns in Captain America: New World Order. Revealed at D23 (via The Direct), Nelson, whose character was last seen transforming into his supervillain alter ego, The Leader, discussed joining the Captain America sequel and return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all this time.

” I am delighted. Marvel is a part of movie history and for me to be part of it is an absolute honor and thank you for sticking with the leader. »

Tim Blake Nelson made his MCU debut in 2008 The Incredible Hulk, during which his character, cell biologist Samuel Sterns, attempted to cure Bruce Banner of his big green disease. The last time audiences saw Sterns, his head had grown to mutant size after some of Bruce Banner’s blood dripped from a head wound. For Marvel Comics fans, this was a major hint that Sterns will transform into The Leader, a villain with green skin, a giant skull, superintelligence, and telekinesis. A clue that we have all waited more than a decade to see come to fruition.

While the plot details of Captain America: New World Order are usually kept under wraps, director Julius Onah has revealed Nelson’s villain will play a key role in describing The Leader as “real and intense” and “terrifyingly clever”.

“One of the things that really drew me to this project is that The Leader is a man who operates from the intellect. And it’s so great to have an opponent who works with this incredible intellect to really put Sam [Wilson] through the wringer in this story. »

Captain America: New World Order Will Center on Sam Wilson following the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

More details about Captain America: New World Order are pretty thin in the field right now, although it has been reported that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier creator Matt Spellman and writer Dalan Musson will be involved in the project. The story should build on and continue events last seen on the Disney+ series, exploring how taking on the role of Captain America affected Sam Wilson.

Anthony Mackie will reprise the role of Sam Wilson aka Captain America, with Danny Ramirez and Carl Lumbly set to reprise their respective roles as Joaquin Torres and Isaiah Bradley from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Rumors also claimed that Wilson would be battling a slightly lesser-known Marvel villain, Sinthea Shmidt AKA Sin, the daughter of Steve Rogers’ nemesis The Red Skull.

Director Julius Onah recently described Captain America: New World Order as “a paranoid thriller with Sam [Wilson] at the center of it,” adding, “he is now in this position where he is a leader and he has to face this challenge of what it means to lead a group of people that he really cares about. For Sam, before he was part of a team, but now leading a team is a whole new set of challenges, so his journey in this film is really about that. »

Captain America: New World Order is now in pre-production, with filming expected to begin early next year. Captain America: New World Order is scheduled for May 3, 2024.

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