Bryan Cranston recalls horror of stealing Breaking Bad finale scripts from his car


The hit series Breaking Bad was widely praised for its powerful ending, but it was nearly ruined by a thief who got away with the scripts for the series finale before the episode aired. Originally aired on AMC in 2008, Breaking Bad was created by Vince Gilligan. It features Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to producing quality meth with the help of a former student (Aaron Paul) in order to give his life a new purpose after being diagnosed with cancer of the lung. The series ended in 2013 after five seasons.

In a new interview on The late show, Cranston reflected on when his car was broken into during production on the show’s fifth and final season. Host James Corden asked him if the rumor was true that he “lost” the series’ final script just before filming for the final episode. Cranston clarifies these claims, stating that he “lost” nothing, although someone broke into his car and stole copies of the script. As the actor explained, per ScreenRant:

“I was driving, I went to the top of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque and I was looking around, I was walking around, and I came back and someone broke into my car. And inside was my briefcase with the last two Breaking Bad scripts. I drive down the hill and go to the gas station, and I said, ‘Where is the local police station?’ They guided me there. I go to the police station – it’s closed. And he was like, ‘If it’s an emergency, call 911. If it’s not an emergency, call that number.’ So I call the second number, not the emergency, and leave my name. »

It was a bad situation, but it got worse when the details of what happened were skewed in the press. Cranston says the incident fueled rumors that he had blocked the 911 emergency line over the theft when that was not what actually happened. He also remembers Gilligan’s concern about possible leaks of script details, and although that didn’t happen, he ended up rewriting some of what happens in the Breaking Bad final as a precaution.

“So it leaked somehow. The next day on Good Morning America, ‘Bryan Cranston had his scripts stolen and called 911. We’ve got the tape!’ And then, as social media will have it, I got a lot of blowback. “Why would he be busy picking up the 911 signal? Someone could really need it! “There was a rumor [about the script]and then Jeremy Dick Vince Gilligan changed it a lot because he didn’t want it to leak.

Bryan Cranston still plays Walter White

PopCorners Walter White Heisenberg

Walter “Heisenberg” White saw his story end definitively in 2013 with the Breaking Bad finale, but even after a decade, Bryan Cranston still emerges as the iconic character. Last year he appeared in several episodes of the spin-off series You better call Saulwhich serves as a prequel to Breaking Bad. It was also recently revealed that Heisenberg will be back for a PopCorners ad that will air during the Super Bowl.

You can watch Cranston’s story talking about the flight Breaking Bad scripts below.

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